Outstanding News in Pictures: August 19, 2011

All breaking news and outstanding events on 19 August 2011 around the world are excellently pictured in the following impressive images. Let’s discover what happens during the last 24 hours.

All the latest achievements in military and civil aviation from all over the world have assembled at the MAKS-2011 international air show held in the small Science town of Zhukovskiy from 16th to 21st August, 2011. At this event, over 600 aerospace companies from countries including the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, India and South Korea among others have a chance to perform that country’s military power. And Russia will lead the largest contingent of around 470 civilian and military aerospace companies including aviation giants Sukhoi, MiG and the United Aircraft Corporation to display a series of military jets, helicopters and civilian planes.

The Russian Air Force will demonstrate 17 airplanes and helicopters at the MAKS-2011 international show in Zhukovsky near Moscow

A couple had a very lucky escape by crawling carefully out after nearly reversing their car off a 15m drop in Changsha, capital of southern China’s Hunan Province

The scene of Pukkelpop organizers end festival after storm and deadly stage collapse

People run away from burning oil tankers which are used to carry fuel for NATO forces in Afghanistan on August 19

Ten of thousands of Yemeni anti-government protesters take to the streets to support the recently formed 143-member National Council during a protest in Sana’a, Yemen on Aug. 19

The massive wall of dust flew through the Phoenix area, reducing visibility. It’s the third major dust storm that has hit the Phoenix metropolitan area since July 5

The scene of floodwaters at Domhut village, in the West Bengal state of India

Lightning struck across the sky over the Russian Orthodox Church of Three Saints in Garfield, New Jersey during a storm

A black bull sarcophagus is ablaze during the cremation of a Balinese royal in Ubud on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali


Outstanding News in Pictures: Best moments of MAKS 2011 Air Show


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Good News to Eyeglasses Retailers

When all groups of people begin to wear eyeglasses, the atmosphere of eyeglasses industry presents prosperity. And many manufacturers try their best to produce eyeglasses in various kinds of styles, shapes and materials for large profits. Accordingly, lots of eyeglasses retailers emerge in our daily life. They sell eyeglasses in local small optical shops.


Generally speaking, the cost of opening a small shop is not low. First, they need to choose a good place, which should be convenient to customers. Basically, the optical shops are located in the prosperous business centre. The rent of the shop is very expensive. Then, they need to decorate the shops, employ staffs and purchase eyeglasses. All of these need to invest a lot of money. Of them, the cost of eyeglasses is highest.


Actually, when the retailers plan to do eyeglasses business, they should look for the source of goods at first. Once they can get eyeglasses at low prices, they will make more profits. Some of them choose to purchase eyeglasses from the manufacturers. In this case, they have to pay for freight. And the safety during the shipping process can’t be guaranteed. Obviously, the cost is still high.


With the emergence of shopping online, it provides more convenience with people. People can buy sorts of things without leaving home. Moreover, the prices are much lower than local ones. If you purchase in bulk, you can enjoy the wholesale prices. For the eyeglasses retailers, they can purchase large quantity of eyeglasses from the online optical shops as well.


Wholesale eyeglasses online enable retailers to buy the most stylish optical frames to better serve their customers. And eyeglasses online have a wider selection from styles to materials. The suppliers will deliver eyeglasses to your shop without delay. If you are not satisfied with the goods, you can refuse to accept. High-quality eyeglasses at very low prices can really make retailers save money.


Are you eyeglasses retailers? Or do you need eyeglasses? Regardless of this, you can share the good news with your friends.


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Daily Exercise For Back Pain

“Do you suffer from back pains that occur frequently? It is actually a condition experienced by millions of people all around the world. Does it have a real cure? The answers are a bit controversial. Most doctors prescribe medications when patients seek their advice regarding their back pain. What sufferers from back pain rarely know or are rather ignorant about is that medicines that are given as a back pain remedy are not good for long term results. It will just make the pain go away for a few days. How do you then react to this regular pain?

You may have heard the phrase prevention is better than cure. This is something all back pain sufferers should always keep in mind. Here, it could also be caused by the daily activities you are involved in. Youve got a problem at hand and youneed to find a solution. There are sveral types of natural remedies available that will be equally effective in providing back pain relief.

Back pain remedy can start from your home front itself. The reason for your pain could be the mattress you sleep on. Each person gets around 7 to 8 hours of sleep on average. If you sleep on a mattress that is too hard, this will affect your back. Switch to a new mattress that is firm enough to sustain your back muscles. It will give you the added support when you sleep.

Another reason for your back pain could be how you carry your purse or the book bags. A back pain remedy to this would be to make sure the book bag straps are put on to both shoulders instead of one. This will even out the heavy load on to both shoulders. Carrying a fanny pack instead of a purse also could be ideal as a back pain remedy.

Maintaining a good posture is also of utmost importance. This means you should abstain from slouching and always sit straight. Proper posture is a great back pain remedy for this purpose.

Another easy back pain remedy could be by getting enough exercise. This will tone up your back muscles as well as the whole body. However, if you already suffer from chronic back pain, it is advisable to wait until the back pain is partly healed before beginning on any exercises.”

ambien sleeping pills

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Latest Anime News News

FLOW, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Akira Release New Songs on N. American
Music artists FLOW , Asian Kung-Fu Generation , and Akira released new albums for North American fans on iTunes and Amazon this month. Fans of FLOW 's anime theme songs will be especially excited about the band's latest album release, "Kiwami.
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2015 Gintama Anime's TV Ad Previews Opening Theme
TV Tokyo began airing a television commercial for the upcoming Gintama series this past weekend. The commercial shows clips from the upcoming show, and previews the show's opening theme "Day x Day" by Blue Encount . Kagura: Gintama anime!
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Maaya Sakamoto, Cornelius to Perform New Ghost in the Shell Film's Theme Song
… Cornelius will be composing the film's soundtrack. The website also unveiled the character design for Pyromania (seen below), who will appear in the two new episodes featured in the Ghost in the Shell Arise: Alternative Architecture television …
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Anime Unleashed: Different Video Themes Viewers Watch

Just like movies and other television shows, anime video series have their own themes which brighten up the plot. From romantic relationships, school life to exciting journeys, animé shows have a lot to offer for a wide variety of audiences. The different animé themes include humor, slice of life, romance, action, and science fiction. What’s good about animé is that the themes can be mixed in one series- romance with action and humor or science fiction with a tinge of horror.

Humor Almost every animé shows has a tinge of humor. Even the serious animé uses humor to tease a character, lighten the mood or make comical conversations. The purpose of this theme is to make the viewers have a good laugh, even in tight and intense situations. In some instances, the character becomes deformed, be hit with gigantic things or appears in adorable forms to make the audiences laugh. Characters make exaggerated and silly facial expressions as a comical reaction to certain lines and scenes. An excellent character example would be Naruto who uses humor even in tight situations and fight scenes. His dimwitted but admirable perseverance and camaraderie make him one of the favorite characters in the animé industry.

Slice of Life This theme focuses on everyday life and takes a more serious undertone- mostly revolving around adolescents. This theme tackles teenagers’ struggles in their academic undertaking, peer and romantic relationships, even family affairs. The plot is fairly simple for this type of animé shows, most being set in realistic places such as schools and cafes. While the setting may be a reflection of society, it doesn’t necessarily stick with reality such as in School Rumble by Jin Kobayashi. Although some may have serious plots, some are infused with humor to make the story light and fit for young audiences. As such, the whole point of this theme is a good story rather than a precise reflection of the real world.

Romance This theme is present mostly in shoujo animé shows. A typical shoujo animé show revolves around a young girl’s romantic relationship and how she achieves her happy ending. The story usually builds up from the confession up and keeps track of how the relationship works out. In some instances, romance-themed animé shows are shaded with slice of life to show the entire setting of the story. Popular shoujo animé shows like Hanayori Dango have been adapted to live action series as they continue to be popular among a wide range of audiences.

Action Adventure, intense fight scenes and supernatural powers are what define an action-filled animé show. Action and adventure is a large part of shounen animé market. Action focuses more on character development to pursue a certain goal. For instance, Gensoumaden Saiyuki has four male protagonists who posses physical and supernatural powers to stop the revival of a demon lord. As the series progress, each of them get stronger, while they face their weaknesses and issues. Action-themed animé shows also have a tinge of humor to make the fight scenes less intense and less violent.

Science Fiction Futuristic anime video series such as Astroboy, Gundam Wing and Galaxy Railwys fall under this theme. According to animators, science fiction reflects society’s dreams, fears and hope for the future. In Japanese animé and manga, science fiction touches a myriad of concern about technology and innovations. Science fiction covers a whole genre of robots, space travel and games. In some cases, this genre is given a whole new twist that makes the story interesting- robots with a human heart or co-existence of machines and humans.

Don’t forget to visit us at www.Veoh.com for more details.

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Daily Face Care Regimens

Many individuals do not take care of their skin. These people take their skin for granted. Face care is extremely important because the skin has basic needs that it must have in order to stay healthy. The skin on the face needs more care than the skin on other areas of the body because it contains more oils. As a result, dirt and oil can get trapped in its pores. In addition, the face is exposed to more environmental elements that could damage its skin. A proper skin care regimen should be applied to the skin on the face in the morning and evening.

Face care in the morning can be brief and can be done in either the shower or at the sink. A person should start by washing their face with lukewarm water and a cleanser. Bar soap should be avoided since it could dry the skin. Also, instead of rubbing the skin with a towel, an individual should blot it dry. Next, apply a toner to get rid of any residue that is left over from the cleanser and to get rid of any left over make up. Afterwards, a moisturizer should be applied to keep skin feeling soft and smooth away wrinkles. Sunscreen should be applied after using moisturizer to avoid damage from the sun.

An evening face care routine starts in a similar way. A person should begin by washing their face with a cleanser and pat it dry. Next, they should use a toner on their face. Then, they should use an exfoliator to get rid of dead skin. This will allow other products to penetrate the skin and it will leave the skin looking brighter. remember to massage the exfoliator gently. Usually an exfoliator can be applied twice a week but it will vary by brand. Lastly, a moisturizer that is specified for skin type should be applied.

Once, a person gets in the habit of daily face care, their regimen will only take five to ten minutes each day. The skin will be healthier, clearer and softer. In addition, damage from environmental factors will be minimized. To keep skin healthy people should avoid going to bed with make up on and use a sunscreen regularly.

S. Brooks is a specialized researcher focusing on providing valuable information & solutions for every day issues.

For more interesting & useful information on this subject go to:

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Daily Life Of A Cra

The clinical research associate is a versatile and interesting career in the medical field. But what exactly is a clinical research associate and what do they do on a daily basis? This article will outline some of the responsibilities of a CRA and detail the daily life of a person in this rapidly expanding field.

The main function of a clinical research associate is to monitor and oversee clinical trials for new and existing medical products and drugs. They generally work with a sponsor company who has developed some type of medical product and wants to get it approved for sale to the general public. In order to sell this product in doctors offices and pharmacies it must be tested extensively and approved for use by the public. Many times clinical research associates work as independent contractors or freelancers. A clinical research associate ensures compliance with clinical trial protocol, and oversees the clinical trial process to ensure it complies with local regulations and general clinical practice. A CRA is usually required to have a degree in Life Sciences and often requires other testing and certifications.

To summarize, a clinical research associate sets up, monitors and completes clinical trials. They are a sort of project manager for medical trials.

But what exactly is a clinical trial and what does it comprise of?
A clinical trial is a type of scientific study that tests the effects, risks, and benefits of a medical product or medication. Several large trials are generally required before a product can be sold to a hospital or local pharmacy. Different types of trials are usually required and include but are not limited to: trials on healthy patients, trials on sick patients or patients with a specific condition, and followup trials after the launch of a new product to monitor side effects among the general public during mass use.

Some of the typical activities that a CRA may perform include:

* developing trial protocols
* presenting those trial protocols to a medical committee
* designing data collection forms (case record forms)
* coordinating with ethics committees
* managing regulatory authority applications and approvals
* locating and approving facilities for the trial
* working with doctors and consultants
* prepping the study centers for the trial
* training site staff to industry standards
* monitoring the trial throughout the entire duration
* writing visit reports and documenting the trial
* filing and logging trial documentation and reports
* accounting for unused trial supplies
* archiving study results and documents
* prepping final reports for publication

The job of a clinical research associate greatly varies from one trial to another so take this as a general overview rather than a detailed job specification. With certain companies, the CRA would be involved in the entire trial from start to finish. With others, a medical adviser initiates the trial, and the CRA would then be involved in collecting data and monitoring the trial after it is ready to begin.

To find all the latest clinical research associate jobs on the web, check out ClinicalResearchAssociate.org

Become a clinical research associate and start your new career today!

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Get Daily Horoscope Details

Billions of people come across their Daily Horoscope in the newspaper, magazines and on the internet. Most just flip past it but it has many million followers who religious read their forecast every day. Some read every single sign’s forecast daily.

Many people say that the daily forecast is a sham and that you cannot predict how a huge number of people will behave accurately every day. They say that if you read through the daily horoscopes then you will notice that most of them say the same thing each and every day cycled to different signs, and written in different words. This does not deter the followers.

Some Daily Horoscope celebrities are famous worldwide and they make lots of money for their predictions in the publications. Most of their income comes from private predictions they make for wealthy people who approach them based on their celebrity appeal. Thus the publications are really a means to making a name, the end being making money through wealthy believers.Even TV channels show daily forecast shows, many broadcast them multiple times a day. Such is the fan following of the horoscope shows that they are shown along with the weather report in many cases. Most radio networks have at least one dedicated horoscope segment. People who don’t believe in them still might find it entertaining.

The Daily Horoscope is usually based on the Sun Signs. Many other daily horoscopes could be based on natal signs like the Hindu Kundli or birth sign. The natal charts are based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. The time and place of birth are the determining factors for each person’s unique natal chart. In this sense no two persons have the exactly same natal chart. The logic of forming natal charts is easy and nowadays you don’t need astrologers to do it for you as you can simply enter it into a computer program and it will calculate your natal chart and give you one within seconds. It does not require complicated calculations like determining the weather patterns. It is a simple calculation based on the available information and the planetary information fed into the software.

Some people combine their Sun Sign Daily Horoscope with their Natal Sign daily horoscope and they find it to be a much more accurate prediction of their daily events. The explanation could be that once someone is told that so and so will happen, they keep that in their mind and by virtue of being aware of that information they cause it to happen or they read into daily events based on the information supplied and create connecting patterns.

People use various calendars such as the Hindu Calendar, the Chinese Calendar, the Mayan Calendar and Calendars of other like vedic astrology friendly civilizations to look further into their daily horoscope. Whatever be the truth about Daily Horoscopes the fact is that if you throw a dart long enough then it is bound the hit the bull’s eye at least some times. Maybe that is the mantra of the Daily Horoscope predictors and something which the readers ignore.

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Quick Meals Daily Recipes

Each time we waken in the morning we start to think about what the day time will provide. Among the items that you will think about is deliver the results, your career, the commute on the office, your deadlines, and what to consume for breakfast. Yup, meals are 1 of things that springs to mind. It is just natural. You would like a thing to fire you up for the remainder of the day time. There are lots of simple and fast dishes intended for everyday cooking for you to ought to learn yourself if you prefer to become independent from the unhealthy breakfasts beings served in junk food joints.

Let’s start with some effortless breakfast dishes. If you have several leftover white potatoes from your meal the previous morning, you can consume if for your breakfast. What you do is pan fry the potatoes after you’ve currently chopped them into bite sized pieces. You should contribute onions and some pepper to taste. Permit the white potatoes to fry until finally just a little crisp on the sides. This is a good, full breakfast meal. You’ll be able to side it off using a serving of side salad and being washed down by a fruit shake or smoothie.

Or produce your own sandwich. You can play around with whatever slices of ham, sausages, or even leftover chicken or turkey. You can try English muffins as your sandwich bread to make it slightly different. Create egg and cheese for your filling including some tomatoes, romaine, mayo, mustard and ketchup. If this breakfast sandwich will not preserve you going the whole day, or just until eventually the following meal which is lunch.

Beef pitas can be rather good for a lunch meal. Get some ground beef out of one’s fridge. You mix it with some yogurt, mustard, and bell pepper. You stuffed your pita with this mixture and you are done. You can pack and provide this for your workplace.

If you are annoyed with sandwiches and even pitas for lunch, you can always go with some ramen. You are able to cook it in any microwave. It really is rapid and really tasty. For making it heavier, you can invariably add some chicken, turkey or beef leftovers in it. And to possess a healthier approach, try not to use the seasonings supplied inside the package. Attempt to produce your own. You can simply make something out from lemon pepper and/or chili powder. Some soy sauce or even oyster sauce could possibly do the job.

If you’re a little bit weight conscious, you’ll be able to pack some tuna pasta or tuna salads. All of that is required are some greens, balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, olive oil, and perhaps some nuts or cranberries, and tuna. Just combination every little thing up, add some pepper when you like it and munch away. You are able to replace tuna with turkey or chicken. You might have a great and fulfilling lunch there.

You might have pasta as nicely. Prepare a sauce from pesto put in some cheese and spicy Italian sausages and voila. Combine with some bread and you’ll survive until dinner.

If you have time previous to you go to work, you can already prepare some burger patties for the dinner meal. Your patties can be produced from pork, turkey, or chicken blended with breadcrumbs. Add some salt and pepper to taste and you will have pretty tasty burgers on your plate. Grill or broil the patties and serve with sauce, mustard or ketchup.

You see if you know some fast and simple recipes for everyday cooking, you will not go hungry. Plus you will have wide variety and you and your loved ones will like more of your each and every day time meals.

Did you enjoy reading this? If yes, you may also visit cooking101.org to read more about some of the best cooking tips and guides and have a look at healthy salmon burgers recipes.

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Is Daily Weight Loss Achievable?

Rapid fat loss has always been considered as one of toughest tasks for even the most enthusiastic fitness and weight loss seekers. What sounds even tougher is achieving this goal regularly, consistently and on daily basis. However, fortunately, this goal of daily weight loss is not only realistic but also perfectly achievable with the help of following unique strategy:

DEERS strategy for daily weight loss

1-Drink plenty of water:
Enhancing your daily intake of fluids is a time-tested strategy recommended by the most fitness experts. For example, drinking 4 – 5 cups of green tea per day will speed up your metabolism and will burn more than 80 calories a day. Similarly, if you are a coffee fan, you can have it too (but without sugar). Also drink plenty of water. Studies have shown that drinking 12 glasses of water a day helps you keep your water intake up.

2-Eat fat loss foods:
Studies have shown that several people on a strict diet schedule have been able to get rid of as much as five to ten kg of excess weight within a week time. Limit your daily food consumption to frequent small meals (consisting of recommended diet) instead of a fewer large meals. A recommended diet can help your stomach to get accustomed to smaller amount of food you need every day. It will also decrease the whole quantity of consumed calories. Fortunately, all you need to do is select foods mainly comprising of fruits and vegetables. The main rule is not to eat more than 1.5kg (3lb) of foodstuff a day. Here is your quick, at-a-glance recommended foods-to-include list.

Fruits: Fruits rich in fiber e.g. apples, oranges and mandarins, kiwi etc contain vitamin C and also several other anti-oxidants, all of which are essential to maintain the proper state of health and fitness.

Vegetables: Eat as much green vegetables as possible preferably the boiled vegetables and mashed vegetables). Examples include cauliflowers, lettuce, broccoli, carrot, haricot, sweet pepper etc.

Proteins: The concept of protein weight loss is not new. It simple means increasing the protein portion of the food you eat. It should, however, essentially include leaner, fat-free meat, chicken, fish and egg white.

3-Exercise (fat loss exercise)
Do you know that an hour a day of moderate-intensity fat loss exercise such as brisk walking helps you burn off an average of 3000 calories? You do not necessarily need to run miles a day or join a fitness club to do this. Practice more intense activities like running, jogging, swimming & bicycling etc. In addition, do remember to use the stairs, or park your car away from the door when going to work. Walking around for two hours in addition to the total physical activity in your day will burn more than you consume.

4-Refrain from unnecessary calories intake
To achieve daily weight loss, your daily calorie intake should have an average of 1200 to 1400 calories / day. As per latest dietary recommendations, 45% to 65% of this diet should come from carbohydrates; 20% to 35% from fat; and 10% to 35% from protein. You will need to cut out everything and take only what is listed. This means no soda, no chips, no fast food, no bread, and no fried food. Also, refrain strictly from drinking artificial juices and sweetened soft drinks. In addition, you must also avoid:

Sugar, white flour, white pasta, white bread and white rice
All processed carbohydrates e.g. high-fat, high-salt and highly sugared processed carbohydrates
Deep fried food (cheese burgers, fried chicken, French fries etc.)

5- Safe & natural weight loss supplement:
Remember, all the tips and hints mentioned in this article are natural. Therefore, its essential that the supplement you choose to speed-up your weight loss process efficiently is an all-natural too. You should better consult some expert weight loss site in finding the best suitable supplements according to your lifestyle, dietary and physical activity habits. A natural, purely organic and safe (free of side effects) supplement can show promising results in this regard. People using such natural & safe supplements have lost as much as 6 lbs in just one week.

Finally, while it might sound tough for many, you actually need a day for rapid fat loss, at least to begin with. Remember, your daily weight loss starts with you, if you trust and believe that you can lose weight on daily basis then you can expect to do just that. Following the above-mentioned steps will have a dynamic impact on your weight and just after seven days, you will be pleasantly surprised when you will compare your weight with those you had before. With these easy hints and tips, you could start your daily weight loss plan as early as today!

Dr. Ikram Abidi (diA) is a physician, an internationally acclaimed health feature writer and a medical researcher who enjoys a global readership for his well-versed and uniquely written articles, newsletters, e-books, web content and blogs. His specific writing specialties include weight loss & fitness, herbal supplements & nutrition. He can be reached through his expert weight loss site & personal website http://www.ikramabidi.com.

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