Is The Hype Around Daily Planners Justified?

These days, organizations do not hesitate in spending a huge amount of money on office supplies. Perhaps this explains why the demand for daily planners has shot up all of a sudden. People have begun to realize that it is difficult for them to streamline their activities without these planners. Furthermore, there are many businesses that seem to emphasize on the usage of these products. This has certainly caused a stir. People have begun to question the usability of these items. In such a scenario, it can be difficult for you to decide whether these are actually useful or not. The following points would give you a clear picture:

• Affordable – These items are affordable. However, it is not essential that every cheap item is good in terms of quality. In such a scenario, it is quite difficult to reach a conclusion. Price does matter. Therefore, affordability has certainly affected the popularity of these items.

• Useful – You can use these items to chart out your day. Planning would certainly help you in achieving your goals. If you take a closer look at this aspect, you will certainly realize that daily planners are indeed useful. Furthermore, these would ensure that you do not miss out on any task that you are supposed to perform during the day. Therefore, your life would be much more organized.

• Gifting option – People have been gifting these items to others for quite a long time now. You can also join the bandwagon. These can be gifted to anyone such as your boss or secretary. You can even gift these to your kids if you want them to streamline their day-to-day activities.

The aforementioned points clearly indicate that these planners should form an integral part of the regular office supplies. Therefore, the buzz around these products is truly justified. Nevertheless, office supplies often include fountain pens. People lay stress on these pens because these are easy to use. Furthermore, these are quite affordable. Some of the other reasons that have made these pens highly popular are as follows:

• Attractiveness– These have irresistible looks. People cannot resist the temptation to use them.

• Style statement – Many great authors carry these pens with them. Therefore, people often associate these items with style. Sometimes these are also considered to be a symbol of luxury.

• Versatility– The ball is in your court. You can either use these pens or gift them to someone. Therefore, fountain pens can be used for different purposes.

Author has thorough knowledge about pens and technology behind pen functionality. He has a conceptual approach towards defining different aspects of pens and he loves to give vivid descriptions on different types of pens and their uses.monthly planners and corporate gifts

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Where to get daily inspiration with ease

Daily inspirations are based on good feelings and thoughts which can help you to improvise everything according to your expectations though they are not hard to attain if you know the answer to the question where to get daily inspiration. These are specific methods and techniques which can help you to understand your inner personality and to enhance it as well so that you will be able to get complete control on your whole body, thoughts and your mind. Emotions and behaviors can also be controlled with the assistance of daily inspirations though still you have to make sure that the question where to get daily inspiration is included in your major considerations.

There are numbers of people working all around the world in this particular field and they can surely let you know more about this particular aspect. However, you need to make sure that you are going to get the assistance of a professional or expert in order to attain perfect results. There should never be any issues related to the reliability of such methods and techniques. Thinking needs to be changed and once you have changed your thoughts then there will be great results for you. Striving for success in very important in life and if you are not going to strive for success then you may not be spending your life with brilliance.

There should be a basic aim and objective in your life so that you will be improvise strategies in order to attain your set goals and objectives. This can be done by thinking in a positive manner though you really can’t just sit back and relax. You have to do something in order to attain your goals and your thoughts needs to be changed so that your decision making ability can be even stronger. There are various mental states which can be considered as vital to attain proper control on your mind so that thoughts and ability to think can improvise. Alpha Brainwave state is one of the most superb and prominent mind states which can give you everything according to your perceptions.

You just have to learn this particular technique and start thinking in a positive manner. You will surely realize that you have a very good feel from inside. Once you have got this particular feel then there will be no issues for you to make perfect decisions in life. You can surely overcome various complications with ease and your ability to solve problems can also be perfect with it. All of this will combine and let you know the proper way to live and this will surely allow you to work on your goals and set targets. Similarly, you will be moving ahead with positive thoughts in your life with great decisions so that the goal attainment can be easier. Success will become more nearer to you and you will feel great charm of your life.

Learn more about daily inspirations and life your life with excellence and brilliance by achieving real success.

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In quest of innovative daily deals


Why should I spend a fortune on sales that are one-off is a common argument merchants put in when pitched by daily deal companies or couponing websites?

“No thanks, I tell them. We’re guaranteed to lose money on sales to customers we’ll probably never see again,” Mike Scotese, a Philadelphian retailer, tells CNBC.

This is not just an apprehension retailers harbor in relation to the daily deals or specials that make them sell out half off or more, but an issue that is assuming highest proportion as the numbers of Groupon’s imitators are cropping up from all sides.

Be they hoteliers, restaurateurs, masseurs, travelling agents, or goods sellers, all are unanimous on one point that their hot deals remain unable to hook up new line of bargain hunters for a long term.

Discount seekers land on to grab best deals and promise to return only when a similar kind of deals pop up in future.

Groupon’s clones claim that each deal of the day is viewed by such and such millions of users and subscription list is a highlighted attraction by them.

It is not customers you reach but how you retain them does matter for businesses, said critics. Groupon’s 140 million users and LivingSocial’s 46 million followers pale into insignificance if they are devoid of brand loyalty in the end. And, in this way price cuts lead to a onetime bounty.

A need of change in social couponing is now being felt deeply with few of daily deal sites already initiating add-ons in the fledging group buying and time-honored reward services.

Experts call for innovation to encourage businesses to ring up B2C sales through discount promotions.

Recently introduced daily deal websites are paying heed to the advice that can redress a longstanding complain of merchants.

Reward programs by LevelUp and incentives by MOGL, both of them are deal service providers, go on with building durable business-customer relations.

Primarily, LevelUp operating in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco went on to promote three deals in a bid to stir up repeat business.

Later on, the daily deal site wielded an effectual change wherein instead of introducing steep discounts upfront, it supplied small ones in the beginning and then perpetual rewards on future purchases.

Did it work? According to its introducer, the model led to 45 per cent repeat customers in a pretty much amazing contrast to one per cent that Groupon was said to deliver.

Innovatively, a reward service provider MOGL bring forward three distinguishable incentives for the line of new and old bargain seekers. Cash back, gift hampers, and community service publicized to be associated with each purchase happen to foster long business-customers affinities.

Viable changes in the traditional couponing approach are essential to doll up its attractions. Above all, discount promotions can create only ephemeral buying process with no spillover effect.

Transition in customer buying pattern has to be kept under consideration. Numbers of online shoppers have scaled up 39 per cent to 870 million, as per the latest stats by Nielsen.


Tariq Saeedi is a couponing industry’s analyst holding journalism and marketing degrees and contributing articles to digital and print media. Visit for daily deals , hot deals.

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Hidden Messages Within Anime

Anime is probably the most effective things that may quite possibly take place to tv. Considering the fact that its debut outdoors Japan, anime has reeled in hundreds of thousands and thousands and thousands of followers. Nevertheless, you can find these that continue to be skeptical of anime, thinking of it only as being a glammed up model with the standard cartoons that we see on Television. They get 1 seem on the as well best faces, the from his entire world costumes, as well as quintessential speaking animals and they promptly dismiss anime as childish. Very well, we as watchers of anime understand that there is way more to anime beneath its cartoonish facade.

You will find various hidden messages in anime, messages that converse instantly on the soul, messages about life’s lessons and truths. They could be tough to see at encounter worth but when you appear previous each of the humor and all of the drama, you are going to see that what the characters are heading via, be it a robot invasion or one-on-one battle having a dragon, are primarily a similar things that we’re heading by means of… just translated into fantasy. And every last obstacle they encounter, each and every ethical dilemma they deal with, we are able to relate to indirectly or one more.

Get Naruto for instance. He’s a younger orphan boy who continues to be ostracized by his village for getting a demon fox sealed within him. Now, I doubt that any of you who’re reading through this have demon foxes sealed within you. But I can wager that a few of you’ve got felt ostracized, undesired, underestimated, and totally alone sooner or later inside your lives. And also when all you desire is actually a little bit of acknowledgement, no one appears to be to need to give it to you. And here is wherever Naruto’s hidden message is available in… it is a problem to all of us, to complete what Naruto is presently carrying out: certainly not giving up. It is a problem for us to get on his nindo and also to certainly not again out on our personal phrases.

Just about all of your characters have hidden messages inside of their very own tales and backgrounds. Get Zabuza, he’s portrayed as being a heartless killer, a villain, anyone whom we’re programmed to detest. And however, on the last moments of his lifestyle, it can be revealed that regardless of all his brusqueness, he’s nevertheless human, like all of us. And he understands tips on how to worth and be grateful to individuals he loves. The message on this is distinct, individuals that have carried out a number of misdeeds are nevertheless human, and we owe it to them and also to ourselves to coax the humanity from them.

And it is not just the characters which can be well worth wanting into possibly. The themes and plots of quite a few anime deserve plenty of praise for his or her perception and ingeniousness. Seem in the anime Deathnote, for those who get it at deal with worth, it’s practically nothing over only an incredibly well-written and well-portrayed thriller, total with a few of the most effective plot twists ever concocted in anime historical past. But when you glimpse at its theme, you will see that it’s concerning the basic debate on justice… is it simply to destroy evil males for that sake of defending those that are very good? Or ought to we make it possible for evil guys to reside around the premise that they are human like all of us? It is even paying homage to the age-old debate in regards to the dying penalty. Do we actually possess the correct to destroy one more human currently being?

In fact, the hidden messages in anime are quite thought provoking and it fosters self evaluation at a lot of amounts. They may just transform the way in which we see our lives if we get a far more significant tactic to them and employ its lifestyle provoking lesson for making our society a greater site. Yes, all in all it is just anime however the electrical power that it brings onto the desk will need to never ever be underestimated.

To find out more about this topic, visit Hidden Message In Toy Story 3

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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Alternate World Comedy Light Novels

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Alternate World Comedy Light Novels
The popular "alternate world home comedy" centers around Kazuma Satō, a hikikomori (shut-in) die-hard fan of games, anime, and manga. A traffic accident brings his disappointingly brief life to an end … or it should have, but … It already inspired a …
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Hanayamata's Hamayumiba Turns "Ochikobore Fruit Tart" Manga Into Series
Hamayumiba serializes the schoolgirl dancing manga Hanayamata in Houbunsha 's Manga Time Kirara Forward magazine, and Houbunsha published the sixth compiled volume on September 12. The manga inspired an anime series by MADHOUSE and a …
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Pumping Solutions to Daily Life

In today’s world mining industry has proved to be one of the most profitable industries over the market. So Snort pump is here to provide you with efficient pumps for better mining. Mining is such an operation that needs a daily focus. Health and safety should be properly maintained. Down time is a big time process. It is important in mining industry to rely on the fact of mineral sources for maintaining the standard of the company. Multiple goods like streets, highways, railways, houses and also for generating electricity are all done by the material goods obtained from this industry.

Requirements on ore materials and metals keep on increasing when markets grow and commercial activities start increasing. For these raw materials to be there in the market a company needs a good extractor. Pumps are meant to be extractor. Prestige Pumps has good solutions to pumping equipments.

The durability and quality of a product matters a lot for a good business. These points are very much important aspects that are stressed upon by Prestige pumps. A pump should always be bought from a trustable company like Prestige pump.

This is a proper destination for pump distributor Australia for anybody in needs of pumping machineries. Corrosive application for the metallurgic market is also maintained and managed by this company sometime. There is several mining industry like solid handling, water, chemical process etc where pumps are very much needed for these services.

There are some critical points that should be kept in mind when an individual buys a pump.

Environment friendly-

Sealing and priming system should run dry indefinitely and prevent leakage and carryover. It should be 100 percent contaminate with noise levels as low as 60dB (A).

Flexible mounting options-

Configuration mounting variety of pumps should be maintained.

Superior materials for longer life-

 A mining pump of heavy-ductile iron body and stainless steel provides of a long pumping life.

Low NPSHr-

Heavy duty and high efficient pumps should have low NPSHr.

The daily demand of fluids has become high throughout the world with high globalization, economic growth and technical development. So pumps that is reliable and of high quality is of intense need. Oil and water is of great importance in every corner of the world.

This company takes care of Transport and Distribution of water, Desalination, wastewater, water treatment, snow making, filter washing, High lift pumping, Lift station, etc

Further it is expert in pump repairs Australia. It not only provides you with good pumping machineries for your but also provide you with good customer services. Workshops is being provided we are equipped with excellent facility who caters for repairing, testing and building of special pumping unit and meet your specific need. Fleet mobile services for vehicles that is on-site breakdown repairs, installations, and regular preventive maintenance service programs to suit the pump manufacturers’ specifications, over all the Australian standards.

We have highly qualified electrical and mechanical staff that have been trained in proper space entry and risk management that provide the customers a healthy and safety standard.

Prestige pumps are expert in supplying stainless steeled pumps to our customers which are powerful and warranted to support your business to bring in profit in the business of our customers. We are proud to say that the pumps that we supply are quality in nature that not only supports you in your business but also an icon of your profit tool so that we would take the position of one of the best pump distributor Australia. We are also cost conscious that is we try and provide a good quality product in a lower cost. Pump repairs Australia is also an important activity that is being done by our company.

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There Are Daily Flights Between Doha And Mumbai

Doha is the largest and also the Capital City of Qatar, holding the seat of power of the country and the educational facility for the people of the country. Mumbai to Doha flights land in the Doha International Airport, which is the only International Airport of Qatar.

Mumbai is the Capital City of Maharashtra State of India and most of the airlines operate flight services from its Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport to various parts of the World and there are Mumbai to Doha flights every day.

Mumbai and Doha both being commercial hubs, the air traffic between these centers is vibrant on all days and the travel time in non-stop flights is around 3 hours and 25 minutes

There are about 19 flight connections operating among Doha to Mumbai flights, most of the days 2 of them direct flights between these two destinations and there are 48 flights operated a week between Mumbai and Doha; and these routes are serviced by 20 airline companies. Jet India flies the most non-stop flights.

The following airlines operate the Doha to Mumbai flights, in some cases connecting flights from other airline companies.

•Air India
•Jet Airways
•Kingfisher Airlines
•British Airways
•Air Arabia
•Oman Aviation
•Kuwait Airways
•Saudi Arabian
•Egypt Airways
•Royal Jordanian
•Royal Nepal
•Srilankan Airlines

On a selected day, 17 out of the above 20 fly their air crafts among Doha to Mumbai flights and another 18 of the above 20 airlines fly in the  Doha to Mumbai flights schedules.

The shortest flight between Mumbai and Doha is a Srilankan Airlines flight covering 3194 miles.

The largest aircraft operated in this route is All Nippon Airlines flight 777 with 335 seats and the smallest flight is that of Saudi Arabian which is a 32S with 150 seats and on a day there are 140338 passenger seats available for travel in Mumbai to  Doha flights.

The lowest quoted fare in Doha to Mumbai flights is around 13818 INR  by non-stop flight and 5648 INR for one stop flight on some week days, whereas the lowest air fare in Doha to Mumbai flights stands at 13818 INR and 5648 INR respectively. It is also interesting to note that the highest fare on the very same day goes up to 326286 INR in a one- stop flight.

It is to be noted that air fares vary according to days and dates of booking, and the above variations are given for illustrative purposes.

Rock Rodney is an expert author for flight articles who provides information about international flights including Doha to Mumbai flights. Get all exclusive information about Mumbai to Doha Flights and International Flights Booking.

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Holiday sales: daily deals abound

Spending abounds as holiday season catches the speed. Online shoppers comb through hot deals in their towns for event tickets, gifts, knick-knacks, or delicious meals as they know daily deals are the right choice for them to buy products at below market prices. Exciting customers also line up at retail stores to grab the holiday bargains.

At least, internet retailers are ringing up the cheers of shoppers this holiday season. ComScore, a leading digital world researcher, has recorded nine billion dollars sales in first 20 days of November and forecast the figures would grow to $ 37 billion for an entire holiday season (November and December).

Will consumers continue to look for price advantage? Majority of experts are of the view that price factor will remain a main determinant of buying decision. Best deals are what actually bargain hunters are looking for desperately.

Whether they are craving for scrumptious turkeys, mouthwatering burritos, holiday traveling, contemporary cloths, or trinkets, daily deal websites and flash sales are point of focus of online buyers.

Studies have substantiated the savings prone sentiments of consumers with the help of various surveys. Some of these surveys have an expansive universe with broad sample sizes that attest to their pervasiveness.

In a nutshell, they all pointed out the ballooning numbers of shoppers seeking out discount promotions on couponing websites as well as coveted daily deals back in their email inboxes.

The deals carry up to 90 per cent discounts on a diverse range of goods and services. Such huge discounts fill in customers insatiable desires for savings.

Is this good ethically? Skeptics argue quirky discounts cajole shoppers into unnecessary shopping. Marketing driven sale is not always in favor of consumers. On the other hand, opponents bring into play buying wisdom of shoppers so that customers can make purchase what they feel urge of.

Cases of bogus discounts have been reported. However, regulators are tightening noose around the scammers. Most importantly, buyers can compare social coupons with the market prices.

Microsoft does not find it suitable for retailers to come under trance of discounts-driven bulk sale.

Excessive discounts can lead to economies of scale advantage at the cost of non-discounted brands, Joanna L. Krotz wrote in a blog titled “5 mistakes that could ruin your holiday sales”.

Close-fistedness in relation to advertising, targeting niches, ignoring replies, and overlooking last adopters were other issues that might let retailers miss opportunities popping up during the holiday season, suggested the blog.

There is a need to explain some of the points here. Considering targeting niches as a mistake, the writer advised discount promotions should be tailor-made for target market across the board.

Web analytics and dashboard make one aware of buying trends thereby allowing required changes in case of slowdown in sale. Usage records are the effective means of knowing market response to a particular offer.

There is no denying the fact that last minute shoppers come in droves and merchants risk shooing them away if deals are sold out.

A balancing approach is essential to ring up holiday sales. 


Tariq Saeedi is a couponing industry’s analyst holding journalism and marketing degrees and contributing articles to digital and print media. Visit for daily deals , hot deals.

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VA Tools for Your Daily Tasks


Being a virtual assistant means being able to work on your clients’ assigned tasks over the internet or virtually. As the internet’s power and performance gets better and better, so does the ability to work virtually. We are now able to do more and more over the internet, eliminating the need to actually have a physical office unless it is absolutely necessary. But just because you can do almost everything online, it doesn’t mean that VAs don’t encounter challenges when doing daily tasks. So here are some very helpful VA tools you can get help from. These tools are readily available online, and while others can be used for free, there are still some that charge for a reasonable fee. 


Communication is one of the most important needs when you’re working as a virtual assistant. You will need to constantly communicate with your clients, especially if both of you need timely updates regarding the tasks. There are a lot of voice over internet protocol services and applications that you can use as communication tools for your work. Most of these give you the ability to manage calls to and from different countries worldwide with the use of only one phone line. Some of these even allow you to video calls and conferences, as well as instant messaging.

File Sharing/Collaboration

Sometimes, being a virtual assistant also means working on articles and documents or other files for your clients. This may mean writing articles or business letters, creating advertising material, or even videos and graphic materials for websites and campaigns. If you need to closely collaborate with your client for such files and you also need to seamlessly share it with them online, VA tools that serve as “virtual offices” are of great help. There are a lot of these services online but they usually offer the service at a cost. You just need to d o a bit of research on each service and see which one offers the options that you and your client will be able to actually use and see if it meets your needs.

Time Tracking and Billing

Being a virtual assistant doesn’t necessary mean that you will be working exclusively for one client. Since this is an online- and home-based job, you have the freedom to manage your time and work as many or as little hours you want, and plan the work hours with your clients’ needs. You will find that during the course of a day, you can accommodate tasks for two or more clients. This is why a VA tool for time tracking is also very important. You can choose from a variety of tools available online and set them up to calculate the exact amount of time you have spent on tasks per client. You can even get one that has accurate accounting capabilities and invoice options to bill your clients.


If you are a virtual assistant or a freelancer, you should consider using Freckle time tracking. It’s a perfect tool for project and time management. 

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Who Loses With Daily Deals

Being heavily involved in the daily deal industry, I always enjoy discussing the pros and cons of featuring a deal on a deal site with businesses who have either just ran a deal through one, or businesses thinking about running a deal. From each of my discussions, it has become obvious that one party involved in the daily deal seems to typically always lose. Over the holidays I was hanging out with a good friend who does floors and their business had recently just ran a deal through a major deal site. “The deal sold extremely well, the customers were very happy, our boss did really well and upsold a lot, but we had to work our tails off to keep up and it really stressed myself and all the workers out.  We definitely lost on that deal and are not very excited for the next time our owner runs a deal, which is coming soon,” Trevor told me.


In this particular deal, the workers got the bad part of the deal. In other situations, the business running the deal fails to figure out their numbers correctly and ends up losing out by selling their product or service at to much of a discount.  Recent studies by Rice University suggest that a significant number of businesses had lost money when using Groupon (32%!) and more than 40% said they would not partner with Groupon again.  There are even horror stories of where merchants and businesses have shut their doors after running a daily deal put them in a very sticky financial situation. Many times, the daily deal website itself doesn’t end up working out and ends up shutting down.

And of course, many times the customer ordering the daily deal loses out and experiences buyer remorse, or even worse for them – never redeems their coupon. Any way that you look at it, it seems one party involved gets the short end of the stick. If a merchant properly crunches some numbers and works closely with the daily deal site, it is possible for all parties involved to win.  Many and most times however, one party loses out.

I would love to hear how you have been affected by daily deals; for better or for worse.


HC Consulting Group is a software development, consulting and internet marketing company specializing in the online deployment of business solutions. Started in 2008, the HC team has grown into a global business with various information and software products that assist in growing internet businesses. HC Consulting Group?s core values reside in customer service, quality products and results driven consulting . For additional information about HC Consulting and their services visit the company website at or call 1-800-794-7192.


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