A Fashionable Batik Used For Our Daily And Our Formal Looks

Fashion is very interesting for every people. It can make our days colourful and it will boost our mood. There are so many parts of the fashion that we can find to enrich our knowledge in fashion. It will be very fun by knowing the great knowledge in fashion. The things in fashion can be really interesting for all people. Batik is one of the great things in fashion that we need to know. It becomes the great inspiration for our outfit. It can be really ethnic but can give the great style. Batik is actually a process in painting or patterning the clothes in the typical patterns. It can be obtained by handmade or the traditional process by writing or painting it by hand, it also can be obtained by printing the pattern by using a tool, and also the mixture of those two methods. It is the Indonesian heritages that are interesting. All over the places in Indonesia have its own characters in the pattern of Batik. It’s affected by the culture and tradition of every region and sometimes it is affected by the folk tales from its region.

One of many products of batik that we can use is the batik clothing. We are able to find so many kinds of batik clothes, like the dress, the blouse, the pants, the T-shirt, and many others. We are able to select the batik with the various types of materials, such as cotton, silk, and many others. We are able to select it based on the look that we need to get, for example when we want to look glamour for the formal batik clothes; we are able to select the batik dress or shirt with the silk materials. It will be the great option for us to be worn in the formal occasions. For the pattern, we can choose it based on our interest.

Besides the batik clothes, we also can find its accessories, like the batik shoes, batik shawls, batik bags, and many others. It will be the right alternative if we want to look simple by the basic outfit and touched by the batik accessories that will give us the ethnic accent to our look. If we want to look a little bit modern by wearing pakaian batik, , we are able to choose the batik that usually uses the contemporary patter with the various colours. It’s also interesting and can be used for every events. For the casual events, for example for our daily use, we are able to choose kaos batik or the batik T-shirt. It still looks so stylish but still gives us the casual look with no any heavy look. It also can give us the comfort for doing our fun activities and other kinds of activities in our free time.

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