An insight into the phenomenon called daily deals

Daily deals or one deal a day is the most talked about business activity in the current time. It is a kind of e-commerce through which companies give out items to the consumers at a heavily discounted price. Certain websites offering such services form the platform to cater the goods to the mass. Such deals do not come in bulk as it is very difficult for a company to sustain loss in volume. Thus, one product or service under each category is featured in the concerned sites over a period of 24 to 36 hours.

During this time, if a buyer claims it by paying off the charge, the product goes out of stock and is replaced by a different product under the given category. The members who are registered with the daily deals offering sites are sent the news of offers and discounts on a regular basis. They are also sent invitations through postal mails, social-networking  channels and emails in regular occasions. The deal a day emerged during the recession of 2009 when the global economic standard had fallen off far below its benchmark.


Gradually, the phenomenon gained prominence in 2010 when famous search engines like Google and Yahoo started to highlight them to the users. Thus, with public awareness, the daily deals have also stepped out of their typical limitations. Presently, a wide range of products and services of both reputed and less reputed brands are offered over the websites. Through its deal a day campaign, the suppliers have presently targeted small businesses giving them a boost of financial viability and variation of concepts. Considering it to be an e-commerce activity, numerous people are inquisitive to learn the reason of companies behind selling their offerings at unbelievable concessions.


One deal a day is an activity, or rather a business model that is mutually beneficial to both retailers and consumers. The manufacturers target to build brand loyalty while, their surplus inventories are also moved fast in the process. This is attained by offering products that consist of  significant rebates against their regular RRP. Group buying is an excellent choice to make profits from these deals as merchandises are segregated under different nomenclatures. Thus, access to a wide variety of goods can be had through the daily deals.


The caterers maintain a comprehensive record of the consumers’ data so that they can be invited to more future discount offerings. Traditionally, an offer lasts for 24 hours, but if the product does not clear off within the said period, then it is exceeded to 36 hours. Product prices are payable through credit cards and delivered at the doors of the buyers. Vouchers are issued electronically through emails that can be redeemed from the respective suppliers.

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