Carcinogenic Habits Hiding in Our Daily Life

People should be alert of many hygienic products in our modern families, because they contain cancer-causing chemicals. Now, I will list six carcinogenic habits people often have in washroom.

First, toilet paper could cause leukemia. Most toilet paper is recycled and they are often added dyes such as fluorescent brightening agents and talcum powder in order to beautify the appearance. These additives contain compound benzene and even some poor quality toilet paper contains formaldehyde, E. coli, and hepatitis viruses. Long-term exposure to these substances may lead to leukemia and skin cancer.

The air freshener could induce leukemia. Now many families like to put a box of air freshener in the bathroom to make the environment clean and pleasant. Unexpectedly, the fragrance is also synthetic chemicals and they may induce cancer. It is better not to put the deodorant in toilet to keep the air fresh, and you can always open the window or use exhaust fans. The disinfectant and other cleaning supplies put in bathroom are easy to accumulate a large number of harmful gases after evaporation. Some disinfectant also contains dichlorobenzene, which will stimulate the respiratory tract, cause cell mutations and induce leukemia and lung cancer.

The trash can in washroom greatly increases the rate of bacterial growth, making the bathroom into a breeding ground for viruses and infectious agents. The common paper items can be thrown into the toilet and flush with water. Other hygienic products can be thrown into plastic bags and taken into trash can outside.

Whether shampoo is cheap or expensive, they are composed of the same components with cleaning agents. If shampoo is open for a quite long time, the formaldehyde in foam agent will have chemical reaction with emulsion ingredients and form carcinogens N-nitroso-diethanolamine. When you buy shampoo, be sure to carefully read the label indicating the content of detergent ingredients and choose the least content of cleaning agent. Do not wash your hair frequently and be careful not to let the shampoo into the eyes.

There are many other safety hazards in our daily life. If you know more, you can also share with us.

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