Foxconn Inventory Series Occurred 11 Suicide Jump Playback

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Foxconn 25th place this year 11 employees falls incident

From Foxconn Group was informed, 25 am, Foxconn Technology Group, Mission Hills Park training center in southern China killed one employee falls. This is the year of the Group of 11 employees falls events, a total of serious injuries caused by 9 Dead 2. Xinhua News Agency reporters Zheng Gan and Wang Xianchang investigation. Inventory series of suicide playback

5 21 4 30 Xu, Hubei, 21-year-old man from the Fuji Kang Longhua Park at Nanjing F4 Donglou jumped to his death. (Entry time: March 2009)

5 evening of 14, Longhua Park, named Howard staff quarters, a beam falls from 7th floor, dead, born in 1989, Anhui people, for the first-line operator. (Entry time: November 2009)

5 11, Longhua factory workers Zhu Chenming rental from the 9th floor, jumped to his death, 24 years old. (Entry time: August 2009)

5 6, Lu Longhua plant male jump as a new death from the balcony, 24-year-old. (Entry time: August 2009)

4 7, Mission Hills factory dorms, female employees rather drug Joan falls to death 18 years. (Entry time: January 2010)

4 6, Mission Hills C8 dormitory workers Rao Yueqin falls, still in hospital, 18 years old. (Entry time: March 2010)

3 29, Longhua factory, Xiangtan University student Liu Zhijun had fallen from the upstairs quarters, died on the spot, 23 years old. (Entry time: August 2009)

3 17, Longhua Park, New female staff quarters Hetian jumped from the 3rd floor injured. (Entry time: February 2010)

3 11, 28-year-old from Henan LI Hong-liang C2 from the Fuji Kang Longhua plant houses park death fall upstairs. (Starting time: 2008)

1 23, 19-year-old employee died horse forward. Police investigate horse forward line, “high fall dead before his death.” (Entry Time: November 2009)

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Price A Beauty – News

Price a beauty is a reality series TV documentary starring the famous Jessica Simpson and her best friends Ken Paves and CaCee Cobb. They travel round the world to meet women, beauty regimes, and dietary fads and study local fashions. They attempt to find the meaning of true beauty in different cultures. Jessica returns after six years to the television screen after her MTV series ‘Newly Weds’.

This is the first season of ‘Price a beauty’ and there are eight episodes in it. A special Christmas episode will be telecast on November 25, 2010 in the United States. In the first season Jessica and her friends tour Thailand, France, India, Uganda, Morocco, Japan, Brazil and return to Los Angeles. Viewers, who watched the series, learnt a lot about different cultures and the lengths women go through to enhance their beauty. In some countries they want to get fairer in one country and gain weight in another. The ‘Price a Beauty’ series is interesting to watch and those who have missed it can watch it on the internet. After returning from their travels Jessica wrote the theme song ‘There’s nobody like me in the world, and everybody needs to know that about themselves’ for the show/

Jessica Simpson has come in for a lot of criticism during this series. Typically what a celebrity has to face as their affairs, breakups and even a little weight gain become topics for discussion. This is the price that celebrities have to pay when they come appear on the radar of the press and public. The show has received good and bad publicity and Jessica’s divorce hit the news and added to negative publicity.

A second series is scheduled to be aired next year, but Ken Paves and CaCee Cobb are not accompanying Jessica on her travels in it. It’s also said that the series will not be searching for the definition of beauty in different cultures but will be about Jessica getting over her own fears. We can only wait and see how the audience will react to the second season of ‘Price a Beauty’.


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Sony Vaio P series now refreshed

Although Vaio P series was just unveiled at CES in January, the giant computer maker Sony has still planned to update these laptop series to add a range of colors, built-in GPS and a compass.


As advertised by Sony, its P series offer an 8in 1,600 x 768 screen which contributes to the total weight of just 600g. Besides that, laptop of P series is also boasted to be fit a handbag or jacket pocket. In terms of specification, the P series go with Windows 7 Home Premium, an Intel Atom Z540 processor, a 64GB solid state drive and 2GB of DDR2 SDRAM at its lowest configuration.



Sony Vaio P series now refreshed


Another option of users is to choose an Intel Atom Z560 unit instead with a 128GB SATA drive and Windows 7 Professional.


One of the coolest features of Sony P series is that it can be used while standing or walking thanks to controls on the side of the unit for thumb navigation.


According to Sony’s announcement, the laptops are equipped with Sony’s location search software, and Everywair 3G for mobile roaming. Besides that, Sony also shows great pride of this P series which is their first notebook to use ‘accelerator’ technology to browse using motion controls.


Using this P series, it is certain that users will feel excellent when just gently shaking to move through pictures or the pages of a PDF document, or to navigate back and forth through their web browsing history.



Sony has still planned to update these laptop series to add a range of colors, built-in GPS and a compass.


More outstanding, this notebook is quite smart when it can react when shifted between landscape and portrait mode and flips its screen accordingly.
On the other hand, Sony also claims that the wide screen of P series can help users watch movies comfortably or open two web pages side by side. The keyboard of P series is full-pitched for easy typing despite small size.


There are five colors for users to choose including Orange, Green, Pink, Black or White at prices ranging from £800 to £1,050 depending on specifications and seller.

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8 Steps to Getting a Cartoon Animation Series Produced – 3D Animation

If you are involved in the world of animation as an upcoming animator then more than likely, one of your major aspirations is to getting a cartoon animation series produced. If you of a realistic nature you also realize that it is not going to be very easy but it is possible.

Step 1:
Let your imagination kick in. You need to come up an idea for your series. Being as it is a series you need an ongoing theme. Probably if you look back at your old sketchings, you will see where you drew perhaps an action figure doing several different things. The theme is what your action figure does. Now you will need to build your theme and once you do this, it becomes your foundation.

Step 2:
Naturally, there are going to have to be various characters in your series. You are going to need to think about each of them and what roll will they play. This does not mean you are designing the plot of the story, it means you are assigning traits to your characters.

Step 3:
Most cartoon animators do not consider themselves adept at script writing. This is where they will rely on an expert in that field. Your job will be to present him with your theme and your ideas regarding that theme. Your scriptwriter is the one who brings your characters to life. He will do this by utilizing the traits you have provided him. Make sure your choice of scriptwriter is one that is well versed in this type of writing.

Step 4:
One of the key factors of your success is making your characters remarkable. You can enlist the services of a good design company for this segment of your project. They almost have to become household names. Hopefully to the point where various products will be designed after them. Imagine a super hero you have erected becoming the hottest action figure on the market. I would class that as the ultimate success.

Step 5:
You are very close to the point of now compiling your character bible. This is where you start to put things into action. This book, which has now become a very valuable commodity of yours, will contain all of the information you have gathered so far from the different venues you hired. You will take your character bible to an animation house in the hopes of having a pilot episode produced.

Step 6:
Now you will have reached a decision-making period. You can approach a distribution company with your pilot to see how marketable the finished version would be.

Step 7:
The other alternative to a distribution company would be to approach the television media to see if there would be any interest by them to produce your show. Here is the step where you have to be confident in your work. You know it is good and now you have to sell others on that very fact.

Step 8:
As you can see, you have a long road ahead of you and there are costs involved. You just have to be determined enough and believe in yourself and your work and go for it.

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Hair Loss Treatment Website Announces Video Series

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL —, the most comprehensive online source for consumer information and education concerning hair loss treatments and conditions, has released the first of twelve planned installments in its Hair is Important video series.

According to Michael Garcia, spokesperson for, the Hair is Important video series is fundamentally conceived “out of a desire to raise public awareness of the significance of hair in our lives,” as well as to illustrate “the multifaceted aspects of what people endure when they lose their hair.”

“Our effort to produce these special videos lies in our desire to cultivate some much needed sensitivity and understanding in response to an unprecedented media barrage of advertisements and TV shows which essentially make light of hair loss at the expense of those suffering from it,” said Garcia. “When we still see companies mocking hair loss sufferers in order to sell antiperspirants, clothes or beer, there has to be a voice that challenges that questionable practice.”

The long-standing and influential hair loss website unveiled their 60-second video on the 9th of January. Produced by Bright Bulb Solutions, a Los Angeles-based Internet marketing firm, the animated presentation features original illustration, music and the following voiceover narration:

“Hair is important. When we lose our hair we lose more than our natural, youthful appearance. We lose our self-confidence and our self-esteem. Hair protects our heads from the cold and the heat. Hair frames our faces. Hair allows us to express who we are. When we lose our hair, it’s hard to feel confident. At a dance club. At our jobs. On a date. Without hair, it becomes difficult to express our individuality. So refuse to make light of someone’s hair loss. Hair loss is no laughing matter. Why? Because hair is important.”

According to Garcia, has contracted with Bright Bulb Solutions to produce 11 additional videos to “portray an intelligent and compassionate message of understanding” for those not only suffering from the physical and emotional effects of hair loss, but for those who choose to seek treatment for their condition. Hair loss treatments range from medical options such as hair transplant surgery and hair regrowth therapy to nonsurgical cosmetic options like hair replacement and hair extensions.

“As the most comprehensive online resource for the public to learn about hair loss and its treatment, has every reason to create media messages that not only counter the salvos of negative and droll portrayals of those who suffer a hair loss condition,” said Garcia, “but to encourage those who are suffering to act–do something about their hair loss to solve it so that they can regain their natural look and thus regain those degrees of self-confidence and self-esteem that come with it.

Rob Dudley, Artistic Director and Vice President of Design for Bright Bulb Solutions says the new video series is in alignment with the types of progressive projects the company is already widely known for. “We always appreciate and enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to employ our creativity to help fight misconceptions and negativity of any sort,” said Vice President Dudley. “We should be at a place by now in human evolution where we don’t make light of or exploit anyone’s particular health condition. The videos we will design, which will all be syndicated virally, will challenge people to think compassionately and act with sensitivity.”

The entire video series, commencing with this first just released, is available for free viewing and download at, as well as available for free syndication at YouTube and other major online video sharing services. Hair loss providers who wish to assist in’s efforts are being granted free license to embed the videos on their own informational or retail websites.

Welcome to the online Hair Loss community at HairLoss.Com. Whether you are seeking guidance and advice on solving your unique hair loss condition from our experts or simply looking to become part of a supportive peer community of individuals sharing the commonality of hair loss, you are sure to find all of your answers and plenty of support here. Hair Loss can be solved or celebrated, treated or embraced. Whatever reason has brought you here, choose to feel good about yourself now, as you are today, while you weigh your options.

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CnM: Metal Imagination’s Chicken & Moose Animated Series

Animated Series Review

Looking for a fun way to pass some time and enjoy Internet videos of a different sort? Skip the funniest home videos, and head straight to the videos on Metal Imagination’s Nutz and Boltz blog. The whimsical videos feature metal sculpture characters, including a Moose and a Chicken, who get into all sorts of scrapes. The animated videos come out frequently, so you’ll want to check back often to see what sorts of things your favorite characters are up to next. Here are just a few of the most recent animated videos from this blog:

Chicken and Moose Start a War

What happens when you pit red wine against white wine? Find out in this hysterical video in which Moose and Chicken end up starting a war over this matter of preference. A wine holder collection parody of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” this video is great fun and takes humor into touchy current events.

Jethro Troll Plays Metalstock

When Chicken and Moose are on their way to Metalstock (obviously Woodstock for metal characters, if you didn’t put two and two together), they meet mysterious Jethro Troll, a funny metal character who tries to convince Moose and Chicken that he is, in himself, Metalstock. The British-accented troll is carnivorous and puts Chicken and Moose into a very awkward situation.

Gone Fishing…With a Tiny DJ?

In this video, Moose tries to go fishing, but he just ends up getting super annoyed at Chicken who completely ruins the fishing trip. Chicken even brings out a Tiny DJ that he found in the lake.

It’s Totally Worth a Look

If you’re into silly videos featuring sarcastic characters and a twisted sense of humor, the Nutz and Boltz animated videos are certainly right up your alley. You just can’t go wrong with wry, sarcastic Moose and his annoying friend Chicken. They’re one of those dynamic duos that you would never expect, which means they’re perfect together on screen.

New videos come out frequently, and you never know what Moose and Chicken are going to be getting themselves into throughout this animated series. They’ll tackle all sorts of modern-day dilemmas, and they’ll get into all sorts of different scrapes and situations. Of course, this is all mostly because of Chicken, since Moose would never be dumb enough to get into such predicaments all on his own.

At the end of the fishing video, Moose says that he needs different friends, but viewers of this animated series know that it’s just never going to happen. He will have to deal with the crazy antics and ridiculous questions of his friend Chicken from here until eternity. At least, you hope so, since you want to continue to see what the creators of this animated series are going to get Moose and Chicken into next!

CnM is an animated web series by the creators of Metal Imagination.  To view more videos check out Actual products can be found at

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Sony Vaio Series NW: Style and Power

More news from Sony(VGP-BPS8 battery). Just after the launch of Vaio W Sony NW series , NW11 and NW12. The news immediately evident for the new VAIO notebook sert the new “Quick Web Access”, A feature that allows you quickly connect to the Internet without having to wait for the entire boot the computer(Sony VGP-BPS12 battery).

The function of “Display Off” allow us to turn off the LCD computer with the push of a button to save the notebook battery, for example when we hear a song in MP3 or for obvious privacy reasons. Then we have the new port HDMITM that allows connection to the new HD televisions via a single cable.

In addition to new features , there is definitely a aesthetic renewedAccompanied by ecological design technologies , which allowed the NW series devices to receive the Energy Star 5.0 rating. The body of the notebook is made entirely of recycled plastics and packaging is 25% decided to reduce the clutter on cartons of similar models with 15.4-inch monitor.

Technically, the Sony Vaio notebook(VGP-BPS9 battery) NW11 and NW12 are based on hard drive sizes up to 500 GB as well as a 4 GB of RAM. high- performance notebook computing. The display is 15.6-inch widescreen 16:9 format LCD technology with Sony X -Black.

From the perspective of the characteristics of CPU have not yet found much information , while the extra equipment we had some more news. The series Vaio NW11 and NW12 will have three USB 2.0 inputs , a multi slot card reader ( SD , Memory Stick and Express Card), iLink port , a Wi – Fi 802.11 b/g/n and a Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. The graphics will be completely handled by the ATI card , an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 with the latest onboard 512 MB of RAM. Details on availability and the cost will be announced shortly.

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Opal Coin Series Shines Light on Nocturnal Animals

Renowned for its inventive approach to numismatic products, our design team has come up with another wonderfully innovative coin idea. The Australian Opal Series celebrates the nocturnal nature of many of Australia”s favourite native animals. As the title suggests, the concept involves pure Australian opal, a precious gemstone famed for its iridescent play of rainbow colours. Each of the eight coins in the series is made from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver. Struck elements portray Australian flora and a representation of the Moon in one of its eight phases. But the highlight of each new coin is its mesmerising central design featuring an iconic Australian animal detailed in genuine opal, contrasted by the dark shadow of night. The first release portrays a koala, an arboreal marsupial that becomes more active after sunset. The animal”s opal image glows from within an inky blackness.
This stunning effect is achieved with precisely cut slices of Australian opal, inset in the middle of the silver coin. They”re covered in glass selectively printed with black dye to create a window through which a play of colour is revealed in the form of Aleysha Howarth”s intricate koala design. Our coin design team came up with another bright idea for the presentation packaging. Whenever the lid of the display case is opened, a small light automatically illuminates the coin within – reflective of the Moon shining down on a nocturnal Australian animal!

New Coins Out Today

No challenge is too great for our designers, and the first coin in the Australian Opal Series is another example of our innovative craftsmanship. The design incorporates an inner panel detailed in pure Australian opal, with an outer panel created in struck silver. Not to be outshone, the highly anticipated Discover Australia silver coins are also released this month and they feature more iconic Australian animals. For lovers of naval history, the fourth release in the popular Ships That Changed The World series, depicts the USS Constitution. Monickered “Old Ironsides”, the vessel is still a fully-commissioned naval ship of the United States. Sports lovers too, will be thrilled with our Australian Olympic Team releases (Australia Only).
There is a total of 12 new releases on offer from The Perth Mint in February:

*2012 Discover Australia
1oz Silver Proof Coins

*Australian Opal Series “” The Koala
2012 1oz Silver Proof Coin

*Ships That Changed The World “” USSConstitution
2012 1oz Silver Proof Coin

*2012 Australian Olympic
Team Series (AuOpal Coin Series Shines Light on Nocturnal Animals

Buy Australian coins from the Perth Mint -operated by Gold Corporation, a statutory authority of the Government of Western Australia, the Mint’s owner

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Latest baby of Nokia series

Manufacturers of Nokia have successfully brought unitedly burnished untainted steel and mirror in Nokia C7 communication display canny sound. Primary boast of this device is the 8 mega pixel camera which is encapsulated with patron of features such as geo tagging, detecting of face, rigid centre and threefold LED minute. For handling VGA calls it comes with a secondary camera. Internecine storage consists of 256 MB RAM, 1 GB ROM and upon it 8GB which can be added enlarged up to 32 GB.

Embedded cultural networking picture is another amazing feature of Nokia C7 Sim Free Phone. Now you have the freedom of uploading the images, apportion it with your buddies, and update your messages of status. With the help of Ovi outlet you can download thousands of applications and can alter the existing one. Approximately there are 250 features in the Ovi fund which can be utilized regardless of time and place.

For the Ovi outlet applications you can purchase Nokia C7 mobile which has the capability of storing 250 features finished which you can download infinite wallpapers, podcasts, themes and untold much. The free steering would enable you to look out your direction without any botheration. Also the turn by vocalize counseling have is honorable another article in its cap.

Multi-tasking offered by this mobile gadget switches between ingenuous applications in a demeanor corresponding you consider at the time of pressing the Alt and Tab keys. Nokia C7 deals offers are really profitable but select the one which you feel would be within your budget. So are you still postponing your idea of purchasing this mobile phone so just hurry up and private this handset Nokia C7 shrewd phone?

Nokia C7 Sim Free Phone gives you the right and power to make a selection according to your taste for possessing the Homophonic SIM equal if you prefer to interchange the copulate provider and not exclusive this you love absent lodging bag stuffed of gifts equivalent laptops, T.V. CD player and straight housing appliances. The affordable Nokia C7 deal allows the client to get the seaborne phone for trip letting plans and along with which you get supply reveal clip transactions and free texting of messages. Other surprising attribute of this sound is the activity for wares mike which is provided to cut the ambient trouble.

Nokia C7 Mobile – is one of the leading online retailer companies of Nokia C7 Sim Free Phone, PAYG, Pay Monthly handsets & Mobile accessories in UK. Glance through the extensive range of popular brands which we have categorized just according to your requirements.

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Naruto – The Animanga Series

The next is really a quick outline from the Japanese animanga sequence, Naruto (consists of Manga spoilers)!

The tale of Naruto follows youthful Uzumaki Naruto on his journey via the ninja globe. Naruto grows up with very a burden to carry as he quickly learns he’s the container or Jinchuuriki of certainly one of the Tailed Beasts – the 9 Tailed Demon Fox. The cause, as I comprehend a minimum of, for Naruto becoming the container was that when the Fox attacked the village, the village’s leader, known as the Hokage, who we now know was Naruto’s father, experienced to seal the Fox to be able to conserve the village of Konoha. It appears logical that Yondaime (the Hokage) would select his personal son to seal the Fox inside for factors which I will not go into right here. Regrettably this act of sealing the Fox price Yondaime his existence and to date we’re uncertain of how Naruto’s mom died.

Because of this of becoming the container from the Fox who several many years in the past wreaked havoc in Konoha and killed dozens of ninja, Naruto grows up becoming hated all through the village and ends up becoming a little bit of a troublemaker in an try to get consideration from other people. Within the long term although, we see that this provides Naruto unbelievable psychological power and his perspective to by no means quit frequently exhibits up within the storyline. Experienced Naruto not been hated in his childhood, which his father experienced clearly wished towards, he may not have turned out to be the exceptional person we see within the Manga at current.

Apart from Naruto, the tale carefully follows the lives of other ninja, most notably Naruto’s rival and buddy, Uchiha Sasuke. The existence of Sasuke develops in complexity because the tale goes on and it brings one more theme into Naruto because the youthful Uchiha is set on revenge for the massacre of his clan by his brother Itachi. An incredible twist within the plot much more not too long ago modifications every thing for Sasuke and it turns into extremely tough to inform just what Sasuke is pondering which can make this sequence even much more thrilling than it currently was.

Other main characters within the sequence consist of Haruno Sakura and Hatake Kakashi, Naruto’s teammate and Sensei, all of whom together with Sasuke as well as the primary character himself make up Group 7. Other people consist of Jiraiya certainly one of the legendary 3 ninja who’s accountable for instructing Naruto his much more superior ninja methods together with Tsunade, Iruka and lots of much more.

To Know More about Naruto visit here

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