Four Errors in Daily Eating Habits

Many eating habits are very common in our daily life. However, few people realize that some of these habits may be very harmful to human health. So we should pay great attention to these eating errors.

First, do not eat any fatty meat
It is recognized by most people that long-term eating high-fat foods will make people easily suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. However, it is also unhealthy if you don’t eat any meat at all. Animal fats contain a substance called as α lipoprotein or high density lipoprotein, which can prolong people’s life. It not only will not promote atherosclerosis, on the contrary, it can provide a lot of vitamins, such as vitamins A, B2, B6, B1, E. The phospholipid and lecithin, which are essential for the brain development, also should be obtained from animal fat. If the children always eat low-fat foods for a long term, it will affect the growth and development of the brain as well as the whole body.

Second, eating fish is the more the better
Fish fat contains unsaturated fatty acids, which has an anti-atherosclerosis effect. What’s more, it is also very beneficial to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, enhance memory, protect eyesight and eliminate inflammation. However, it doesn’t mean that eating fish the more the better. The fatty acids contained in fish can effectively inhibit platelet cohesion. Long-term excessive eating fish will reduce the coagulability of platelet, causing a variety of spontaneous bleeding, such as skin purpura, cerebral haemorrhagic, and so on.

Third, make tea with boiling water
Making tea with boiling water will destroy many nutrients in tea, and will also dissolve excessive tannin and aromatic substances, which will make the tea have a bitter taste, and reduce its effect of nourishing and health care. The best water temperature to make tea should generally be about 80 ℃, which can be a little higher in winter.

Fourth, drinking more vinegar is beneficial
Vinegar can not only promote the appetite and invigorate the spleen, but also can protect the vitamin C contained in vegetables, and promote the absorption of vitamin C by the stomach and intestine. What’s more, it also has some effects of lowering blood pressure and preventing influenza. As a result, many people tend to drink too much vinegar. However, they rarely know that excessive intake of vinegar will burn the esophagus, corrode the mucosa, and damage the spleen and stomach. What’s worse, it may also soften the sclerotin and aggravate osteoporosis, leading to fractures.

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