fruta planta daily help you prevent radiation

A face whitened, smoothing and reduce skin wrinkles Ginger 500 grams, red jujube 250 grams, salt of 100 grams, liquorices 150 grams, clove 25 grams, aloes 25 grams. Set aside. Every time 15-25 grams, early morning Fried take or bubble water and tea drink, several times daily. This tea has notifying spleen, keep blood to tranquilize the nerves, and fighting, the effect of Lieu, take a long face whitened, skin smooth and fine wrinkles reduced.

Six big kind of food of fruta planta daily help you prevent radiation
Japan after the earthquake struck, f island nuclear power plant explosion happened first hydrogen, and also brought people to the nuclear radiation worries. Although the nuclear power plant with radioactive material is compared fraction, but radiation in our life is everywhere.

Computer, induction cooker, microwave oven to the life brought the numerous conveniences, but the resulting radiation also let people troubled. How can away from radiation hazards? Resist radiation weapons a: leucopenia

Representative: tomatoes, watermelons and other red fruit. Leucopenia in many red fruit all has, with the highest levels of the tomatoes. The benefits of eating tomatoes-leucopenia is so far have found the most powerful antioxidant arytenoids, fruta planta its antioxidant ability is vitamin E 100 times, with a strong ability of free radicals, resist radiation, prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel, improving immunity, prevent premature senility, plant gold said.

Recommend meal list: scrambled egg with tomato. Because of leucopenia belongs to the fat-soluble vitamins, after cooking oil absorption after better and heating can also promote the release of leucopenia.

Resist radiation weapons 2: vitamin E, vitamin C Representative: all kinds of beans, olive oil, sunflower oil; Mustard, cabbage, radish, cruciferous vegetables; Fresh jujubes, orange, kiwi fruit and fresh fruit.

All kinds of beans, olive oil, sunflower oil and cruciferous vegetables are rich in vitamin E, and fresh jujubes, orange, kiwi fruit such as rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin C belong to antioxidant vitamins, with antioxidant activity, can reduce the computer radiation chemical reaction, like to our skin put on a layer “anti-radiation garments”, so as to reduce the skin damage.

In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables have the radiation effect, still in that they can make the blood is alkaline, fruta planta reduce weight dissolve the precipitation in cells of the toxin inside, along with the urine discharge off.

Recommend meal list: olive oil mixed salad. D E and d C are not high temperature resistant, therefore, raw can maximize the power. In addition, salad can eat into a variety of fruits and vegetables, tie-in olive oil, the effect is better.


fruta planta reduce weight dissolve the precipitation in cells of the toxin inside, along with the urine discharge off.