Important daily activities to Lose Weight

Making grand plans for weight loss can be overwhelming and can be a weight loss failure, not success. A better approach is to make small changes each day that can becomes a habit. Ideally, you should aim to lose 1-2 pounds per week, but it is likely that you may lose a little more initially. Slow and steady weight loss can meet their nutritional needs and prevent loss of mass muscle which you need for a healthy metabolism. If you want to lose weight, then these are the measures which actually help in lose weight and not just make it a desire.

Eating Food with Low-calorie

Eating food with low calories can be easy way to cut calories. Substitute refined carbohydrates with whole grains, fatty meat with lean meat and fish, soft drinks with juices, water or green tea. Fruits and vegetables are also good low calories food. Use healthy oils like olive oil and sunflower oil for cooking instead of butter, and try to make sauces with vegetables instead of creamy sauces.

Control Diet

If you’re not a fan of increasing calories, control diet may be equally effective for losing weight. Eat smaller bowls or dishes and drinks from small cups. Do not eat directly from a package or tin but serve and have your meal. Also, two glasses of water at least 20 minutes before each meal. This will reduce the amount of calories you eat during meal.

More Walking

Every day spend at least 30 minutes for walking. Walking can help to burn excess calories by increasing your metabolism and energy. It’s not necessary to get a full session of 30 minutes to obtain the benefits. Two sessions of 15-minutes each can also produce results. Build the habit of walking into your daily routine, like going to work by walk, get off the bus a few stops early or park farther away from building entrances. Try to avoid stairs daily instead of using an elevator or escalator at home or offices.

Try To Sleep At For Seven Hours

Lack of sleep increases levels of appetite-stimulating hormone, ghrelin, and reduces levels of leptin, a hormone that suppresses appetite. It also interferes with blood glucose and insulin levels and makes the metabolism slow down leading to weight gain. If you want to get more sleep at night, spend an hour twisting before bedtime. Do not exercise or eat within three hours of bedtime. Every night try to go to bed at the same time .

Drinking Lots of Water

We are always told to drink plenty of water. Actually our body consists of 70% water. If all this water is removed from your body, your skin looks like a big potato skin. Just a 5% shortage of water will leave you tired, you won’t be able to focus and feel irritable. It’s very hard to lose weight when you feel like this. Your body needs plenty of water to operate effectively. So try to drink and increase the fluid quantity by 50% every time and see how you feel after a week.

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