Maserati Granturismo Convertible: Everyday Enjoyment And Daily Usability

The sporting seats of the Maserati GranTurismo Convertible have a vast array of adjustments to make the driver and passengers feel extremely comfortable. Driver benefits from a 10-way electrically adjustable seat with driver memory function and power lumbar support. Equipped with a standard comfort package, the front seats benefit from pleasant heating whether the electrically adjustable 14.8 in, three-spoke, leather sport steering wheel automatically raises and lowers when the drivers door is opened to provide easy access. The sporty driver seat and cushion are designed to comfortably support the torso and legs as well as providing the necessary safety and security at high speed cornering. The easy entry system located on the driver and passenger sides allows to automatically moving forward the front seats in order to give easy access to the rear seats.

When driving with just one passenger, the sound, performance and fluid handling of the Maserati GranTurismo Convertible can be enjoyed in exceptional comfort thanks to the optional wind-stop specifically developed for this model. The wind tunnel tested wind-stop reduces the air flow inside the passenger compartment when driving with the top down. With the wind-stop installed the air flow coming form the back is reduced by 70% while the air speed inside the compartment is reduced by 50%, resulting in a more comfortable and less windy driving experience.

The automatic dual-zone climate control is designed to maintain ideal conditions inside the cabin by automatically and quietly adjusting the interior temperature and ventilation intensity in relation to the outdoor temperature, sunlight and air humidity. The fully electronic controls allow the driver and passenger to individually set their preferred temperatures over a range from 61 F to a maximum of 90 F, whether the airflow distribution maintains the climate in the rear area through two vents located on the center console.

The GranTurismo Convertible audio and multimedia systems are each displayed on a 7 inches monitor, whom console include the CD player, the satellite navigation system, radio and on bard computer. The heart of the system is composed by a 30 GB hard drive which can store up to 180 hours of music either copied in a CD or downloaded from a MP3 player via the USB port located in the passenger side glove compartment. The simple and intuitive controls are thoughtfully positioned at the center of the dashboard while the main functions can be controlled without taking the hands off the steering wheel, thanks to the multi-functions buttons.

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