More Energy & More Motivation For Daily Activities By Daily Meals

According to myths, marathon runners can eat and drink anything they want before they race. In fact, this is partly believed. Being an experienced person, not an expert, I don’t believe that completely, but there is logic to it. I have been able to notice and realize that some foods and drinks help me stay motivated while having more energy at the same time by riding bicycle every day.


I plan my breakfast and lunch around what I will be doing for my morning workout. In the morning is when I do my most of a workout, however, depending on the weather and how my body is feeling, I try to sneak in physical activity during my lunch break and/or in the evening. I do have different things I will eat depending how my day is going to go. If I walk in the morning with our dogs and then plan on working a full day, coming home and not doing much activity at night, I will have a bowl of cereal with fruit and coffee. Lunch will consist of a small portion of protein less carbohydrates, either leftover four ounce skinless chicken breast with asparagus or a mixed greens salad with two ounces of cubes pieces of that leftover chicken breast. Then dinner is filled with vegetables and three pieces of two ounce non breaded perch.


On a harder day of working out, such as doing a full hour of a cardio workout in the morning and work a full day, then plan on taking a bike ride after dinner, I start my day off with a protein shake filled with strawberries and blueberries, protein powder, flax seed and yogurt and on the side, a cup of green tea. Even though I work out hard, my shake makes me full till lunch or later. The bonus is that I have so much energy I feel like I could run a marathon all morning. The green tea helps my stomach feel regular, not bloated or full, while giving me a little extra boost for the day. Lunch will then consist of a variety of lettuce salad with chunks of skinless chicken or turkey breast, one teaspoon of egg whites, one teaspoon of avocado, sprinkle of cheese, a couple of grape tomatoes and two sprays of raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Whoever invented the spray dressing it awesome! Then for dinner I will prepare grilled red potatoes, asparagus and one large skinless breast for my husband and me to split. My husband and I enjoy bike riding together, so off for a nice evening ride. Biking together helps us both maintain a great speed to burn at least half the calories we ate for supper, along with spending nice quality time together.


I enjoy the buddy system for working out. If I plan on biking to my friend’s in the morning, where together her and I bike for an hour then I return home from an hour and half bike ride, which included 600 calories burned and my body always feels ready for a mindful day of working. I will then always plan on taking our dogs on walk/run intervals for an hour after dinner. I start off breakfast by preparing myself two scrambled eggs, two strips of bacon and one slice of whole grain English muffin and a cup of coffee. Lunch will then consist of turkey breast sandwich on a whole wheat bun with spicy mustard, romaine lettuce and a tomato slice along with a peach. Dinner will be salmon on the grill, using spices and olive oil, no butter and a side of broccoli. My dogs love these nights because we are both able to burn off extra energy they build up throughout the day and I get my heart rate to fluctuate which makes my lungs feel great while making my calves streaming for more.


Besides being more observant to the foods I eat, I make sure to drink at least six – twenty ounce glasses of water throughout the day. Water always gives me that extra boost when I start feeling hungry or tired during the day, plus it helps me sleep better throughout the night. There are very few days I get tired while at work, which is a great feeling physically and mentally. Maintaining a regular balanced meals schedule makes me have a great attitude for live. I’m a happier, more energetic person that can’t wait for the next day. offers high quality, affordable Carrying Cases, Tools, Trailer Hitches, Roof Racks, Truck Beds Racks, Stationary Racks, Pumps, Computers, and Bike Accessories that are perfect for you, your friends, and loved ones. With’s one-stop shopping, superior quality Bike racks & Accessories products at incredible prices, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for and much more.

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