Myth Busting – Are Daily Blog Posts Necessary?

If you go to a lot of forums online you will always hear people say that you have to update your blog with new posts every day in order to get good search engine rankings undfortunatley this is one of the big myths that gets circulated and is actually not true, especially when it comes to small micro niche blogs that focus on one type of product or keyword.

So, if you have been struggling to try to make new posts every day and promote your blog you can stop working your fingers to the bone and breathe a huge sigh of relief!

Its much more important to promote the posts you already have to get them to #1 in Google then to update your blog daily. The thing is that google ranks PAGES not websites so keeping your website updated with new posts every day really isnt going to help that much with ranking for particular keywords.

If you have limited time to spend on your internet business then the bulk of it should be spent on promotion and back linking of your existing pages because this is what will get you the most banf for the buck. Getting to number 1 in google will bring you a ton more traffic than just being on page 1 and there is even a huge difference between #1 and #2 in terms of traffic so spending your time creating backlinks is critical to getting more traffic to your website.

Am I saying that its bad to add new content to your blog? Of course not! The more posts you have, the more opportunities for people to find your blog so its great to add as many posts as you can provided you are doing the proper keyword research and on page SEO for each post .
Alls Im saying is that for niche blogs, especially the kind where you buy an exact match domain and are trying mostly to rank for 1 keyword, then thinking that you have to update your blog with new content every day can derail you from the more important job of getting anchor text backlinks.

Now it goes without saying that if you are trying to develop a following and grow an authority type blog that you do want to add posts every day. For these types of blogs its critical that you have fresh posts so that people come back over and over, but this is a totally different business model then a niche blog that is based around one keyword.

So, if you have this type of niche product blog (or blogs) and have been struggling because you felt like you had to update your blog and add fresh content all the time to get google to like you then I can assure you that you can stop struggling. I should know, I have over 100 blogs and many of them rank in the top 3 of google for their target keywords and I havent added any new content to them in years! On the other hand, if you have lots of time then you should definately spend it adding more content, the more you have the more keywords you will be found for so more is always better if you have the time to invest in it.

Next, find out more about when to update your blog and different methods of website promotion online.

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