New Gucci Inclined Satchel Series

Bag is always important accessories for girls, or cute, or avant-garde, or leisure, it is like a finishing touch, so that their temperament embodied mm more thoroughly. So the bags for a woman, just like cars for men, right for politicians, as great as full of magic magnet.
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Back in the 50’s to 60’s century, fashion handbags Gucci bamboo charms as one of many international celebrities have become the favorite. New slubby bag to 140 different pieces of component to hand sewing and become, process needed to 13 hours. Classic handbag is launching a new larger size and style number. This section the first time in nickel alloy decorated handbags and bamboo tassel embellishment to make gift to sexy style. New Bamboo are also made of a variety of fabrics, the quest for high-tech, ultra-stylish with high-tech synthetic rubber style, in the classic GG logo embossed fabric. Recently, new Gucci bag, slubby released for Gucci most classic hand outfit style brings 2010 new face.
In the G-Frame and U-Play appreciation of aspects of two series, G-Frame As soon as he appeared to bring out the elegance of Gucci has always been respected pure femininity. The appearance of lines of minimalist design and initial letters will be translated into Gucci Logo, Creative design of the engraved surface in the side of the crown; all reflect the designer of the series, Gucci creative director Frida Gianini sought in modern graphic art and classical long-lasting perfect balance between styles, creative ideas. Gucci inclined satchel, fashion for the integration of glamour more attracted numerous people.
From 40 to 60 that it’s late, Gucci Messenger bag trotted out the new 2010 GUCCI handbags Gucci handbags 181515, insert the metal loop of soft shoes, printed scarves, and so a series of classic design, the product’s unique design and fine materials, as a symbol of elegance and luxury, as Jacqueline Kennedy, Sophia Loren and Duchess of Windsor, and so ladies praised by celebrities. Exquisite workmanship and meticulous implementation of each step, hand-stitched leather materials for various applications, more complicated, and only received special recognition GUCCI commissioned artisans to create this series of bags, but also the cohesion of the infinite series thought and ingenuity. Gucci Messenger bag summer bag abide by the latest series of the leading Italian luxury craft and quality GUCCI, revealing understanding of fashion from the inside out, as the quality of the works of art and beauty requirements, achievements another brand fashion classic.

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