Outstanding News in Pictures: July 26, 2011

Seven-month-old Mihag Gedi Farah weighing 3.4kg, a horrible military plane crash in Morocco, Amy Winehouse funeral, luxurious prison in Norway are some of the most outstanding news we want to deliver you on July 26, 2011.

On July 26, all over the world felt deep grief to witness a seven-month-old child with a weight of 3.4kg from the Horn of Africa because of famine named Mihag Gedi Farah. He was taken to a field hospital of the International Rescue Committee, IRC, in the town of Dadaab, Kenya. However, it was so sorry to see the unlucky baby’s white pale eyes, hollow cheeks and fragile limbs, demonstrating how severe Somalia’s famine is becoming. The United Nation will make funds in a refugee campaign this week for aiding the hungry from dying along drought-ravaged Somalia, the “roads of death”.

Mihag Gedi Farah 

Fantastic fireworks were launched in the square of the Basilica de la Asunción during celebrations of the cathedral’s inclusion on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites held in León, Nicaragua

A four-year-old child received treatment for cholera symptoms at a cholera treatment center in Mirebalais, Haiti. According to a report, there is at least 370,000 people sickened and over 5,500 died since the Cholera outbreak in October

It was reported that there were over 7,400 Romanians taking part in CPR training during a Guinness World Record attempt

A horrible military plane crash happened in Morocco left 78 dead and 3 wounded

People in China mourned for around 35 victims in the high-speed train collision at Century Square in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province of China on July 25, 2011

A fierce wave crashed into a ship which was afterwards stuck at Sheffield Beach north of Durban, South Africa, on July 26

The amazing scene of stuntmen performing on the ‘wall of death’ at a fair in Srinagar, India

This image of unidentified mourners embracing to be received a grain of comfort after attending the singer Amy Winehouse’s funeral who was found dead at 27 on Saturday


Outstanding News in Pictures on 26 July: Amy Winehouse funeral

The interesting news from Norway: Prison in this country will focus on reform in a comfortable environment. In picture, some inmates were preparing meals inside the luxurious Halden Fengsel prison near Oslo, Norway


Outstanding News in Pictures on 26 July: Luxurious Halden Fengsel prison near Oslo, Norway


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