Several Mistakes to Eat Vegetables in the Daily Life

Vegetables are everywhere in daily life, and they are essential in our daily diet food. Vegetables can provide a variety of vitamins and minerals to the human body, so our body needs them. However, eating vegetables should also pay attention to a certain way, or the nutrition of vegetables will lose. Therefore, we must pay attention to the following several mistakes of eating vegetables.

The first myth is that first cut and then wash the vegetables. Now, when most people cook vegetables, they are used to first cutting and then washing the vegetables, because they think it will be cleaner. But do you know? Many nutrients and beneficial substances in the vegetables are water-soluble, while chopped vegetables will lose a large amount of nutrients in the water during the washing process. So we cannot reach the purpose of supplying nutritional elements of the body when we eat vegetables, and the correct way is to first wash before cutting, and then cook, so that the nutrient elements is not easy losing.

The second myth is to squeeze out the juice. When you use some vegetables to make dumplings, you need to chop the vegetable fine, and then there will be a lot of juice outflow. In order to be convenient to make dumplings, some people even squeeze the juice out, in fact, such an approach is unscientific. In this case, 70% of the vitamins and vitamins in the vegetable are discharged. Well, you can try to chop vegetables with mushrooms or meat and then stir, so that make the vegetable juice seep into other foods, in addition, doing so can also make buns more palatable, and nutrition is also sufficient to stay in the buns to be absorbed by the human body.

The third myth is to store vegetable for too long time. Storing vegetables for long time will make fresh vegetables wilted and listless vegetables are not only delicious, but most of the vitamin C is destroyed. At the same time, non-toxic nitrate in vegetable will be reduced to nitrite, which can make normal hemoglobin into methemoglobin without carrying oxygen capacity; if it is serious, there may be cyanosis of nails, lips and even the whole body, as well as shortness of breath and other symptoms. Therefore, in order to consider the own lives and health, you should try to eat fresh vegetables as possible.

Therefore, when we eat vegetables, we still should pay attention to many things.

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