Some Daily Habits Would Harm Our Back

When we sit in the office and do our job, we do not know that our backs are suffering from invisible damage. These daily habits cause damage to back unconsciously. We have to notice the followings:

Do not seat at the table for too long. The sitting posture brings 40% more than standing. Therefore, appropriate adjustments of sitting position may be the only thing you can do in the spare time. The sitting position of 135 degree could reduce the pressure on spine. In common condition, we could sit slightly back with head far from the computer screen. Take chance to walk away every half hour.

Do not waste too much time on the road. Just like sitting before desk, the long bumpy journey also causes chest muscle tension, so that the shoulder is not easy to extend. Well-known chiropractic doctors think that the correct driving position is the main cause of spinal problems. While driving, sit up straight 90 degrees and be close to the steering wheel with legs stretched. Do not release too much pressure to back.

Do not be far away from the gym. A lot of walking can ease the pain, especially back pain. Study found that many people with back wound are active, for they are fear of delayed recovery or making the back situation worse. In fact, regular walking exercise can ease stiff muscles for them.

Learn to do yoga. Almost all of the exercises can relieve back pain, but yoga is the best. Yoga can relieve back pain more quickly. Before attending yoga classes, you have to tell the coach your pain condition so that she can design special actions for you.

Refuse the unhealthy diet. Studies suggest that the diet beneficial to the heart, weight and blood glucose is also conducive to the back. Healthy circulation will bring nutrient to the spinal and take away waste. The healthy diet which is conducive to the back is to reduce the inflammation, because inflammatory chemical substances would cause back pain.

In the end, do not wear high-heeled shoes too frequently, for it will cause great pressure to the spine muscle.

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