Sony Vaio P series now refreshed

Although Vaio P series was just unveiled at CES in January, the giant computer maker Sony has still planned to update these laptop series to add a range of colors, built-in GPS and a compass.


As advertised by Sony, its P series offer an 8in 1,600 x 768 screen which contributes to the total weight of just 600g. Besides that, laptop of P series is also boasted to be fit a handbag or jacket pocket. In terms of specification, the P series go with Windows 7 Home Premium, an Intel Atom Z540 processor, a 64GB solid state drive and 2GB of DDR2 SDRAM at its lowest configuration.



Sony Vaio P series now refreshed


Another option of users is to choose an Intel Atom Z560 unit instead with a 128GB SATA drive and Windows 7 Professional.


One of the coolest features of Sony P series is that it can be used while standing or walking thanks to controls on the side of the unit for thumb navigation.


According to Sony’s announcement, the laptops are equipped with Sony’s location search software, and Everywair 3G for mobile roaming. Besides that, Sony also shows great pride of this P series which is their first notebook to use ‘accelerator’ technology to browse using motion controls.


Using this P series, it is certain that users will feel excellent when just gently shaking to move through pictures or the pages of a PDF document, or to navigate back and forth through their web browsing history.



Sony has still planned to update these laptop series to add a range of colors, built-in GPS and a compass.


More outstanding, this notebook is quite smart when it can react when shifted between landscape and portrait mode and flips its screen accordingly.
On the other hand, Sony also claims that the wide screen of P series can help users watch movies comfortably or open two web pages side by side. The keyboard of P series is full-pitched for easy typing despite small size.


There are five colors for users to choose including Orange, Green, Pink, Black or White at prices ranging from £800 to £1,050 depending on specifications and seller.

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