What you Need for Daily Bicycle Commuting

Cycling to work or school everyday can make travelling less expensive, reduce your carbon print and help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. You do not have to spend money on petrol, bear the costs of vehicle maintenance and if you are environmental conscious, there is no need to worry about carbon emission. Everyday cycling can give you a good workout for your legs, muscles, joints and improves blood circulation. This is also the key to keeping your heart and lungs in a healthy condition. You receive plenty of fresh air and vitamin D from sunlight. Benefits of daily commuting are indeed pleasant but your bike should be in the appropriate condition for such a task. From the essential bike gear to accessories, your bike needs preparing for daily commuting.

Stronger wheels can handle the pressure from weight, rough off roads, potholes and other street encounters. There are special wheel sets made for mountain bikes and road bikes. These also vary according to the nature of the surface you ride on. Using road bikes on commuter roads is the best option. These have thinner tyres and are faster than mountain bikes. For carrying your goods, you must have a backpack or a pannier. You can buy handlebar bags, pannier bags, pannier racks, rear beam racks, rear rack packs and seat packs from a bike shop. These are waterproof and easy to carry your items without causing disturbance to your riding.

Your commuter bike should be equipped with mirrors and lights. Mirrors help you see vehicles, other bikes and pedestrians behind you and those approaching you. If you are riding a bike to work or the university, you may have to leave after it is dark. Although you might be riding on a well-lit road, make sure your bike has lights and reflectors. Use a sturdy lock that you can rely on and find a safe place to keep your bike. If you have a folding bike, you can take it indoors in a bike bag. If the weather is unpredictable and your bike is resting outdoors, use a bicycle cover to protect it from the rain. Wear the appropriate bike gear, from helmets to gloves. Eyewear keeps dust and sun from reaching your eyes to avoid discomfort during the journey. Every daily commuter must have an emergency tool kit on the bike. Tailor made tool kits with miniature bicycle pumps can be fixed to the bike can be purchased from a bike shop.

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