Daily Life of Conjoined Twins Stefan and Tyler Delp

The 19-year-old conjoined twins Stefan and Tyler Delp from South Jersey, United States have done everything together but they have never seen each other’s face except for in the mirror because they are identical twins who joined at the head, so one face forward while the other is turned backward. Born in Pennsylvania 19 years ago, this is the first time the information about the boys’ daily life has been unveiled. The twins shared how they had learnt to grow up as brothers and best friends, how they go to school as well as how they play the violin. Let’s have a look at photos below to see the daily life of the conjoined twins Stefan and Tyler Delp.

Stefan and Tyler Delp have never seen each other’s face except for in the mirror

Stefan is a fan of the country pop singer Jennette McCurdy while Tyler prefers folk singer Steve Forbert. Two boys attend a school for children with special needs.

The boys’ mother Nancy Hoffman-Delp said that her two sons were so bright. The school principal also said that the twins would have a positive future.

Stefan and Tyler Delp live happily with their dad and mother

Stefan shared that Tyler was his best friend, while Tyler also said that Stefan was his best friend. The twins have learnt violin for 11 years

This is the photo of two boys when they were small

Stefan and Tyler Delp posed with their father. Two boys have had to adapt to life joined together

Stefan and Taylor’s mother said that she totally fell in love with two sons as they were born. The early-years teacher also said that she had no regrets about keeping her babies.

Stefan and Tyler Delp spend their mornings at a mainstream school

When Tim and Nancy Delp’s boys were born, doctors said that had only five per cent chance of survival

According to the twins’ parents Tim and Nancy Delp, their sons have never complained about the pain caused by being joined


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