Daily Exercise Helps Promote a Healthy Social Media Campaign

Have you ever caught yourself watching one of those intense workout infomercials? I have, too. As a matter of fact, I became so mesmerized by one of those infomercials early this morning that I began noticing similarities between social media management and exercising. I thought, both can be quite difficult to manage if you’re too busy and both help build power or strength over time. Think about it. The more time you dedicate to your social media campaign the more powerful it gets. It’s no wonder why people are always thinking of new ways to make them more effective.

Perhaps viewing social media management the same way as a workout regiment can help individuals manage their efforts more efficiently. For many people, managing a social media campaign is something they dread (much like exercising). At Agency Entourage, we follow a weekly schedule for each one of our clients. As a result, our online marketing strategies become more effective because we are constantly learning new techniques to connect with as many people as possible.

Just like a workout plan, managing social media can get very overwhelming. Typically, people will think of great ideas to promote their business in the beginning, but eventually run out of ideas a month or two down the road. A very important aspect of your social media campaign is to simply keep up with it. Writing a blog only when you have a good idea won’t cut it. Blogging every week will build awareness around your business and ultimately help increase your SEO. If you’re running out of ideas to blog about, start with an editorial calendar and write out as many ideas as you can think of. You can also search online for popular topics, and find new ways to interpret them. The same goes for Facebook and Twitter posts. If you are looking for better ways to start an engaging conversation online, do a little research and structure your campaign around those ideas.

Finding new ways to improve your campaign can also help you stay motivated. Researching the latest social media and online marketing strategies can really help give you that “edge” over your competition. Sites like Social Media Examiner and Mashable are great for keeping up with the latest and greatest in social media.

Through my analysis, there was one major difference I noticed between exercising and social media management. I realized in order to see results when you are working out, you have to do it yourself and with social media management, you can always hire a Dallas advertising agency to do it for you. Interested?

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World Peace Issues and Social Wellness – Christiane Amanpour to Anchor International Daily News Show

In a global village that is shrinking faster by the day, millions of world citizens are hungry for news about their neighbours.Shared global concerns about peace, health, education, the environment, crime and terror, poverty and a never-ending list of issues, bind us together much more than our differences separate us.

The struggle to find meaning and common solutions to these problems drives the hunger for news that covers real issues.  Five minute sound bite tastes cannot satisfy this global hunger for the sharing of ideas critical to the evolution of all humanity. Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s Chief International Correspondent, is now available to help fill this unsatisfied hunger for knowledge, facts, critical analysis of repercussions and possible solutions.

Beginning the second half of 2009, she will anchor her own prime time international news daily show. And the world will watch enthralled and thrilled to be fed her special brand of information mixed with probing questions, deep analysis and practical solutions-oriented reporting.

As a world-renowned journalist covering a vast number of international stories, Christiane Amanpour has covered every important international news event.  She believes it is important to be there in the midst of breaking news to get the facts straight and has practiced that in her long career, reporting from all the world’s hot-spots.

Her coverage of the Bosnian genocide helped shape her commitment to her craft:

When we’re not there, when we’re not there in a critical mass and we don’t tell the story and we don’t put our eyewitness testimony in the public sphere, then the most unspeakable evil can happen.

As a long-time fan of Christiane Amanpour, I wish her all the best and thank her for her commitment to getting substantial news about our collective global stories out to a world hungry for truth in its search for creative ways to live well together.

Angela Chen Shui, “the Soul Alignment Coach” has taught social wellness and inducing consciousness techniques to individuals and groups since 1990. For more articles on social wellness world peace issues, Angela invites you to request your own FREE personal values beliefs, social wellness and vibratory stress relief life growth coaching newsletter at:

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