The Daily Habits in Life Could Help Prevent Cancer

In the times of high-speed economic development, human health also becomes an outstanding problem. When cancer ranks first in the resident death factors, have you thought of preventing cancer? It seems impossible to change another work or live environment, but we can also use some cheapest anti-cancer tips to protect your health.

Tip One: Drink soya-bean milk

Study pointed out that the risk of breast cancer of women who often drink soya-bean milk are greatly reduced. Why does it have the function of preventing breast cancer? Soya-bean milk contains a substance called soya-bean isoflavone, which is very similar to estrogen. It has prevention function on any cancer related with estrogen, such as breast cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical carcinoma and prostate cancer. It should be noted that it is better to mill soya-bean than buying from market. However, people who are suffering from peptic ulcer, gastritis and gout should drink less milk.

Tip Two: Eat onion and garlic

In China, the incidence of gastric cancer in Shandong province is the lowest in all provinces. From their dietary habits, we can find that the local residents eat an average of 6 kg garlic per year. Similarly, studies have shown that people who eat garlic will reduce the risk of stomach cancer by 60%. Why can onion and garlic prevent cancer? This is because garlic is known as antioxidant, and it can reduce the carcinogens nitrite content in human body. Only the crushed garlic could combine produce allicin after fully integrated with oxygen. The allicin is very unstable and it would lose effect when meat heat. Therefore, it is better to eat crushed raw garlic or stir the chopped garlic with the salad dishes.

Tip Three: Walk one hour every day

Have a walk for 30 minutes every day or four hours every week to reduce the incidence of pancreatic cancer by 50%. Walking for one hour every day could also reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer by 50%. Colorectal cancer is related with excessive body heat. Walking could consume calories and prevent colorectal cancer directly. In addition, sweating after exercise could expel the lead, strontium and other carcinogenic substances out of body.

Except the above ways, sunbath and sleep are also useful ways to keep healthy and prevent cancer. The regular daily life habits are the essence of healthy and high quality life.

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