The Daily Maintenance Of Notebook Power Adapter

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Under the premise of guaranteeing quality, and we naturally hope that the more light the better the power adapter, the above comparison, we see some Lenovo notebook adapter has been successfully “downsizing”, not only reduces the number of the volume, and reduced weight 0.24 kg or so.

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Acer’s new notebook a high degree of recent attention, in addition to cost-effective, but thinner than the other books is one of the reasons the body, but with the adapters into the bag if so, their total weight does not light than other books . It appears that Acer may be able to consider redesigning the power adapter and check it out. As the frequency of the rapid notebook, LCD display insatiable, laptop power adapter power is Zhimakaihua steadily high, even reaching the 100W or so, almost a small desktop PC power supply! Hand touch, timid perhaps will be surprised, honey, is simply a hot potato! Will not fire or something? This is a lot of people worry! Compaq, IBM This fact, as long as the power adapter is in the design of the temperature range, that is, the temperature in the normal range, generally is not dangerous!

So why the heat supply it? What kind of temperature range of the normal range of it? Conversion efficiency switching power supply can only meet about 75% -85%. The answer is here. Switching power conversion efficiency high enough, it’s hard to find a better conversion. Switching power supply during the voltage conversion, some of the lost energy loss, which in addition to a small loss in the form of waves, most of the way heat is emitted. Lack of large power switching power supply, loss of energy also lack many will lack the power of the great heat. This is why the power to add a desktop fan for cooling reasons. Let us do the math, a 100W switching power supply, the use of energy loss when the number of the above!

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