The Impact of Anime on the World

Anime may have never made it into different places and races if it were not for legendary cartoonists like Osamu Tezuka. Their creations paved the way for the rise of the anime industry in the world, introducing classic titles like Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion. The stories told by these anime titles were well-received by the international audience. They would be very proud upon seeing anime as part of the global culture.

Anime has come a long way from its humble beginnings with crude animation techniques to a multinational market with millions of fans. Japanese animation style had been so successful that some Western animators have begun adapting these techniques. The story and character development are some of the key features of anime that helped gain its status of popularity.

You can hardly miss the things that anime has created over the years—merchandise and yearly conventions. In Japan, the anime industry accounts for a significant portion of the country’s economy. It is estimated that Japan earns approximately $ 2 billion a year from the anime industry alone. If you go to Tokyo’s Akihabara district, a major source of anime-related goods, you may realize by the long queues to new products how major the fan base is.

Among the most notable influences of anime are the yearly anime conventions. This is a major event where anime enthusiasts gather to enjoy the company of their fellow fans. It is also the time where new anime movies are aired as teasers for fans to anticipate. The surge in the popularity of anime somehow made conventions as important as national holidays.

Another sign that anime is popular is the presence of anime movies in the Western market. Since its golden ages, anime has no longer been limited to Japan as it has already spread across the globe. The demand for these movies as well as anime series continues to be at an all-time high with new titles coming out every season.

You can also tell that anime has made a significant influence with its abundance on the Internet. The Internet user can watch anime movies via video streaming sites which makes it convenient. This is the more common choice especially for people who do not have money to buy an original DVD set. There are even instances when anime is aired online first before broadcasted on TV.

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