The Versatile New Lululemon Daily Gym Bag

Those who go to the gym often know the importance of having the right sized gym bag. The list of items you need with you on the way to the gym cannot be left to chance, just because the gym bag that you now have will not accommodate everything that you need, as well as those that you just happen to have with you. To some people – make that many people – going to the gym to sweat it out is a difficult enough decision to make. You do not have to add the stress of having forgotten some items at home to the anxiety that may be caused by the decision to workout.

Thankfully, for all of us who have made that perhaps life-saving determination to be healthier by moving more, the trusted brand Lululemon has created the great Daily Gym Bag. Obviously, the people at Lululemon knew what hassle it is to deal with bags that are inappropriate for gym use. So, they made this Lululemon Gym Bag that holds all the essentials for our time at the gym.

This gym bag is made with extra-wide zipper opening that makes it easier for gym goers to pack. Many gym goers are people who have to juggle other activities on the side and do not have the time to deal with zippers and openings that do not accommodate the size of the essential accessories for the gym. With an opening this wide, packing is effectively hassle-free.

The individualized compartments of this Lululemon Gym Bag also make finding your stuff easier. How often has it happened that you needed to take out your phone or car keys and found that it has slipped to the bottom-most part of your bag? You dig and dig and can hear the keys clanging but it will take you some precious minutes before your hand finally gets a hold of what you need. With the compartments, identified by tags, you know exactly where everything is supposed to go and you will not need to waste your time looking and looking.

There is even an interior pocket for you to store your sweaty gear in. Most times, a gym goer brings more than one change of clothes just in case he needs it. It would truly be unhygienic to stash the clothes you worked out in along with those clothes that you still have not used. Thankfully, the Lululemon Gym Bag was designed to take care of this problem. Just place the sweaty gear in the interior pocket made just for them and your clean clothes remain clean.

This gym bag has been tested to hold 50 pounds or 22 kilograms of materials. That is a load off our shoulders to know that our gym bag will not break while we lug it along to gym. Imagine what a hassle it would be if your gym bag popped apart and out came your gym clothes, training shoes, water bottles, towels, mobile phones, car keys and anything else your gym bag contains. You would be getting your work out while picking them up and this incident may turn you off the thought of going to the gym.

All in all, this product is well worth the price you would pay for it, which is not something that you can say for many other gym bags.

I’m a writer, and engineer and a fitness enthusiast.  Check out my official site and learn more about the incredible gym bags Lululemon has to offer.

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