Tips About How To Do the Family Education With Daily Fruits

Distinguish different fruits and colors
After washing the vegetables or fruits, parents can put them on the table or the shopping basket, then you pick up one piece of banana and ask children to watch its characteristic, finally parent tell children that it is the banana and the color of it is yellow. With the same way, you pick up one tomato and tell them that it is the tomato and the color if it is the red. What’s more, you can ask your children to touch them by hands, which can enhance their touch feeling. I am sure your children would learn lots of vegetables and fruits from this way. At the same time, their vocabulary can be increased from the playing process. However, if parents put these vegetables or fruits at the kitchen, you should firstly put knife and other dangerous daily items away to avoid the harm.

Build fruits tower
Cut apples, pears, cucumbers and carrots into different shapes with different size and then ask children to pile up these fruits pieces. For example, you can ask them to put the large one at the bottom and the small one at the top. At the same time, based on the different colors, these pieces can be piled at different locations. The red ones are piled at the first layer while he green ones are piled at the second layer. If children want to eat these fruits pieces in the playing process, parents can ask them to take out one piece of them and the fruits tower should not collapse. Children would know how to classify items according to different colors and different sizes, which is beneficial to form the concept of space.

Pick up the noodles
Place the cooked noodles at the tray and let it cool, then put it in front of children and see their reaction. Sometimes children would use hands to pinch or throw and sometimes they would put it into their mouths. No matter what children do, they can get lots of skills from the playing. If the noodles are fallen on the floor or table, parents should teach your children pick it up and place at the tray again. Children’s operating ability can be developed from this game. However, what parents should pay attention is that you should wash children’s two hands before the game playing and the noodles given to them should have the toughness and not to be grasped into pieces easily.

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