Toriko-the food anime

In Japanese language Toriko Written as .It is very popular since 2008. ToriKo is a famous Bishokuya.

This cartoon is about delicious adventures .Toriko Eat 20 tons a day.The manga is all about food. It is very funny,well written and of course original. A man with oustanding inhuman skills to capture the ferocious, evasive and rare animals to accomplish his awesome dinner course and then the chef Komatsu, his current accomplice: a weak timid man who was influence by Toriko’s greatness and with him on all his journeys on his quest for the path of his life.This popular manga written by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro.Toriko has Different episode.

All episodes are popular by the Japanese. There is an original video animation of toriko directed by Mitsuru Obunai.

It was very popular in October 2009.



Main character of toriko manga and anime. A Gourmet Hunter with large appetite. He is known as one of the “Four Heavenly Kings” and his nickname is “The Glutton”. He is tall and 25 years old with blue hair. He has three scars running from his left ear to just under his left eye. He is wearing orange jump suit with a blue shirt and boots.


A chef works for Hotel Gourmet. He is weak but greatly interested by what he finds in his travels with Toriko.As he tries to overcome his fear and does his best to help.

Four Heavenly Kings:

Four Heavenly Kings are the group of formed by Toriko, Coco, Sunny and zebra who are by trained by IGO’s president Ichiryu since their childhood.


Zebra is a huge and powerful man. He is the most powerful man of the Four Heavenly Kings.


One of the member of four heavenly kings . Sunny is a 24 year old and tall man with an good appetite.


The “Gentleman” of the Four Heavenly Kings. He is good friend’s withToriko. While toriko mostly relies on his brute strength, Coco prefers using stealthy techniques and cunning strategy to subdue aggressors. He is also strong defensively; he is immune to five hundred different kinds of poison. Coco is an averagely built man of 27 years of age. He has black hairs that barely escape his headbands. He generally wears an all-black suit with green bands wrapping around it at the wrists, elbows, waist, neck and an additional one on top of his head.

The series has been adapted into an anime series produced by Toei Animation, which has been broadcast in Japan since 2011.

You can see Toriko for free at torikoget_com

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