Toys Play Important Role in Children Daily Life

Playing with toys is one of the most important childhood activities. Therefore many parents buy their children lots of toys in order to bring them health body and happy childhood. Buying too many toys is not necessarily a good thing which might develop baby bad habit of “greed” for new toys. But some toys are indispensible for children in their childhood. Do you know what toys are indispensible for children? What’re their characteristics and why have to buy? This article gives the following four categories of toys that mothers have to buy for children.

First, happy city building blocks toys, being able to touch, assemble, identify, throw out, this type of toys can fully stimulate children’s sensory organ, exercise body function, and train their activity abilities. Playing building blocks can develop baby’s imagination and hand-eye coordination ability, practice their hands-on ability.

Second, house building blocks, this type of toys able to assemble and disassemble, with blocks of various shapes and bright colors, can fully stimulate sensory organ of children, train their ability to identify colors, shapes and practice their hands-on ability. In the process of construction, children use their mind to assemble and disassemble, blocks combination, playing in numerous ways they would like to. It makes a very good type of toys to promote children’s creative thinking and improve their psychological quality. Backpack building blocks are convenient to carry, and can also bring to play outside, the best toy to develop children’s creativity!

Third, colorful octave knocking and pulling piano, this toy has bright colors and beautiful music, which can help to develop children’s visual and auditory ability, besides, this piano toys installed with wheels is of pull function, can help baby to learn independent walking and knocking the steel can help to practice baby’s eye-hand coordination. All in all, this multi-functional colorful octave knocking piano is a good helper for mums and a good growing partner of children.

The last one is children’s beach toys. Playing with water and sands is children’s nature. Imagine what a child would be like if he has never played water or sand. Children playing sands together on the beach in summer bring them great fun, which can train their hands-on ability and mental capability. According to the experts, children benefit a lot from playing sands. It helps develop child’s intelligence. Sand is visible, and children can create varieties of shape from sands. Sand is also invisible which can bring children unlimited space of imagination. Sands can fully develop children’s imagination and creativity. Beach sand toys give children opportunity to create and display themselves on the beach freely, enjoy the sun and sea breeze.

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