Using a Gym to Combat the Stresses of Daily Life

Do you ever pass by different buildings, and look on in awe at the flowing car parks and wonder to yourself about the life that exists beyond their walls? I had occasion once to attend a hospital and was amazed at the flurry of life and activity that existed there, totally unbeknown to me in my sheltered life. Office blocks, schools and colleges, prisons, even gymnasiums possess a unique and singular existence that is self-generating and individual. Your own mini stratosphere is ordered and systematic, allowing you to maintain equilibrium and balance, so much so that when upset, it leads to stress and disharmony. Striking that balance can be difficult, and even the most organised and disciplined of us fall prey to extraneous influences that are not always in our best interests.

In striking that balance, we have to look at our lives as a whole. Many of us lead stressful, fast paced lives juggling home and work, with possibly a few kids thrown into the pot for good measure. We have become great multi-taskers; mixing important business strategy meetings with equally important children’s school sports days; running around the supermarket with the phone to your ear, while listening to the latest sales figures; and cooking the dinner whilst helping with your child’s homework at the same time. You flop into bed at the end of the night, often too tired to get even a chapter of your book read. When was the last time you actually gave yourself some ‘me’ time?

It’s well known that if you don’t look after yourself you won’t be good for anything, so with this in mind would you ever just stop for a minute and listen! Life is not about ticking off the chores on a daily basis. It’s about living, and it’s about enjoying that living. Now I’m not suggesting that you don’t enjoy your daily routines and lists of chores, but think how much nicer it is to relax and unwind for a while every now and then.

Picture yourself having a lovely Indian head massage, or a bubbling Jacuzzi, or a steaming sauna. Float about in a warm pool and let the water caress away your stresses. You might not think you are stressed. It creeps up on you slowly, subtly, and without warning. It’s only when you stop to really think about it that you realise how cunning it really is. That is because it is an inbuilt defence mechanism designed to ensure that, should you need to go into combat, you are able.

There are many ways of overcoming these pressures and ensuring that you achieve balance in your daily life. There are plenty of gyms nowadays that offer a fantastic range of facilities. A Gym is not just for fitness fanatics; a good gym is a place where body and soul can be given the freedom to explore the myriad possibilities that are open to them. Join in a yoga or a body balance class and build your flexibility and strength in calm and harmonious surroundings. Learn to breathe deeply, and concentrate your mind and soul. You will leave feeling serene and cantered, ready to take on the next battle. Go on – you owe it to yourself!

Shane Wright is a fitness professional who has worked in the industry for several years. He now writes and shares his wealth of knowledge about health andfitness related topics such as how to make the most of your  gym membership.

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