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12 3 days was the morning into the Creative Industry Park, Wuxi New District, found here Animation Enterprise is not busy “car person” voice of Optimus Prime do not is to promote the comic Tom and Jerry, they Computer On Make The yellow black-eyed cartoon characters in China, demonstrated the prototype built by Zodiac animation derivatives. Site if a cartoon can represent creative staff here most of the business goals?? “We want to show the world China’s animation.” Drama from the production of animation, broadcast, derivative product development, sales and construction of animation professionals, creative industry park in Wuxi can find out a complete animation industry chain, an animation with traditional culture Production Line .

Original animation story: a beautiful display of Oriental myth Nu Wa the Sky

the context of ancient mythology, the two black eyes and yellow skin along the Yellow River while the children search for the mother, while representing the struggle between justice and evil … … This is a special Animation Co., Ltd. Wuxi Long wearing large Cartoon “TVXQ baby” in a story. 2006 by the Central TV station After the broadcast, the country’s children know the film “Dragon Doll” and “phoenix baby,” let the industry know Wuxi animation relies on traditional Chinese culture with a mass production of the original cartoon animation business.

“Compared to other countries, China has such a rich traditional cultural resources, I think we have a responsibility and obligation to explore and develop,” Mr. Chou said the company, for which they are stories of the Chinese culture with the combination of animation, creative out of the “God of the East Doll”, “Dragon Biography” series shows a beautiful oriental animation films, and has achieved initial success.

According to reports, animated “TVXQ Doll” in 2006, issued more than 37,000 sets of the first round Audio and Video Products , Now issued a total of more than one million units, achieving sales of the first performance of domestic distribution, CCTV broadcast was 3.7, higher ratings by the National Radio Administration awarded the “Excellent recommended domestic cartoon” Award. Yin Xiaodong

company who believe that only works with the traditional culture can have strong competitiveness and long-term vitality, animation products, too. Currently the company is actively making the next batch of original works, Part II, “Oriental god baby,” “The nine dragons” and a series of animated films will start to appear in the screens. “They are all based on Chinese folklore and mythology, the story is about the East,” said Yin Xiaodong.

Domestic cartoon characters: to promote the traditional cultural symbols

Animation as a symbol of imagination and innocence of a symbol of many children’s “wings”; animation as a symbol filled with meaning, but also the dissemination of culture, “Shortcuts.”

Jiangsu Xi International Digital Arts Network Co., Ltd. will be injected into the animation of traditional culture in derivatives, use them to plug in to the child, “wings”, they have done, is to a unit of “Ji Doll “Animation brand operation and development of derivative products to advance in parallel with the anime show, and constantly revised in the development of complementary production.

Prototype built by Zodiac Chihuahua anime series, as well as its development and promotion of a series of derivatives, the Greek international digital art network Co., Ltd. is a busy thing. Printed on the cartoon image of Chihuahua and other pillow, Kids , Dolls, Tableware Etc., have made people come to showrooms dizzying.

Present, “Chihuahua” is not only involved in the development of products Clothing , Toys, stationery, gifts, Life Supplies, Office Supplies And other fields, also Education , Culture and entertainment, digital content development, and other direction to promote?? “The content of all elements and inspiration from anime shows, and animation show the composition of China’s traditional culture,” Deng Xuejun, head of brand promotion, said.

Can be expected, when the next year, more than 150 episodes of “Chihuahua” cartoon show occupation of television, online media, while the “Chihuahua” cartoon brand names of various types of derivatives has also been synchronized to the market?? “By animation plays and the overall promotion of derivatives and traditional culture can take this into the kids, ‘attached’ in the children’s ‘wings’ on. “

Games Academy: build local production team

According to incomplete statistics, China’s animation talent gap up to 600 000. Rapid development of the animation market demand for the animation program, at least one million minutes a year, while China’s current annual output of just over 30,000 minutes animated film, a group of local development and production of much-needed talent. Wuxi Institute of

game designed specifically designed for this purpose, they will be a large number of people wishing to engage in the recruitment of animation development and design come in a unified Train By Model Production, character animation courses and train local Chinese animators, special effects, animation and other synthetic division personnel.

Institute, said Li Jianjun, one responsible person, and now the school culture over more than 6,000 local animation talent in the country more than 200 different animation companies to play a role.

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